Blue Origin at Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham 8th April 2011

Blue Origin’s performance at Scruffy Murphy’s on 8th April 2011 was certainly one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen! This is a band who know how to rock a venue! The songs were tight, powerful and infectious. Their delivery  strong, confident,  professional and lively. They really brought out the grooves and hard edges in the songs. I loved the new material and it was great to finally hear the magic of the current releases played live. Frontman Nick Pilgrim was born for the role. With his natural charisma, vast vocal range and stunning ability to hold hard to hit notes for so long, he’s set to take Blue Origin to the top. Helped by the rest of the band, which seems like a top class line-up, this band are going places and hopefully soon. Tom Eivers’ drumming has to be amongst the best. I’ve seen few people hit a drum kit as hard and throw so much vigour and verve into it as does Tom. If you like your rock hard, heavy, edgy and riff-laden with catcy grooves and hard-hitting vocals, check out Blue Origin on and .


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  1. Blue Origin at Scruffy Murphy Says:

    Duane Drapeau

    Blue Origin

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