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Review of ‘Welcome to the Institution’   Leave a comment

‘Welcome to the Institution’ is a great example of instantly atmospheric rock.  It’s haunting guitar tones and powerful heartfelt vocals convey the passion, honesty and dedication that’s clearly gone into creating this album.  The melodies work well in every track, providing catchy energy fuelled riffs and harmonies throughout.  Each song evokes strong imagery and holds an energy all of its own.  A very enjoyable worthwhile listen.  Promethium are definitely one of the best current up-and-coming melodic hard rock/heavy metal bands around.  Their potential shines within ‘Welcome to the Institution’.  It’d be good to see these guys make it. See or check them out on facebook for more info.

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Review of ‘The Devil Rhythm’   Leave a comment

The new Trucker Diablo album ‘The Devil Rhythm’ has star quality written all over it.  Every track’s a killer, making an instant impression.  It’s raucous explosive sound, chugging riffs and evocative melodic vocals make it a true rock lover’s paradise.  Definitely one of the best classic rock inspired bands out there. ‘ The Devil Rhythm’ has a perfect combo of rock infused slamming instrumentals and vocals.  Its three gems are ‘Drink Beer Destroy’, ‘Voodoo’ and ‘Juggernaut’.  Sounds like Attica Rage, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy combined, with a new twist.  Big recommendation for rock / metal lovers everywhere.  It just works.  In a word….. ‘rockmagasmic’! 10 out of 10.  See for details.

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