Review of Black Road Home, Promethium and Furyon at The Roadhouse

Tonight was one of those gigs that make me feel glad to be alive! Three awesome bands – Black Road Home, Promethium and Furyon – all must see live performances. The first (Black Road Home) was a new one for me and struck a chord instantly. Great sounds, really likeable memorable stuff and the timing was spot on. Highly impressive performance. Promethium are a band already featuring regularly on my show and it was great to see them live for the first tiem. They lived up to my expectations and I enjoyed seeing and hearing the energy they threw into their set.  Always heart-warming to see a band who obviously love what they do and aren’t afraid to show it. Furyon headlined and they rocked so much that it’s hard to put into words how fabulous these guys are. True metal legends in my estimation. If ever a band make a gig worthwhile, it’s Furyon. Considering they only had 2 guitars tonight, due to Chris’s accident (get well soon, Chris), they did remarkably well and still gave 100%. It was fantastic to hear the songs from the Gravitas album, especially my favourite, “Dissapear Again”. Check out all the bands on facebook or myspace. You can also hear tracks from Furyon and Promethium on this week’s show – Saturday Rocks on 1-3pm.


One Response to “Review of Black Road Home, Promethium and Furyon at The Roadhouse”

  1. Dave Ormston Says:

    Completely agree Jenny ! Furyon in particular are already brilliantly realized as a unique rock band. I love how they have SOUL amidst the drop B bass and brilliant riffs.

    Love ’em.

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