Icon and Rogue Male at The Roadhouse, B’ham

Icon are a brilliantly melodic metal band whose profile deserves to be raised much higher. Their performance at The Roadhouse tonight was sheer power and their material immediately resonated. Catchy, exciting, exhilirating and performed so passionately, this is a band that’s easy to get into from first listen. They’ll have you hooked from the outset. Guitar riffs to die for, awesome drumming of epic proportions, vocals of steel, bass licks of perfection and generally, memorable and amazingly metallic tracks. The album New Born Lie contains some of tonight’s tracks, so it’s definitely worth a listen. This is a band to watch who are definitely going places and soon, if there’s any justice. Check them out on www.facebook.com/icon.uk or www.myspace.com/iconrock .

Rogue Male played an absolutely faultless blistering set tonight too and one of the most professional sounding sets I’ve ever heard. It was great to finally hear them live. They certainly live up to expectations. The raw energy and passion they threw into their set was incredible. The vocals were so heartfelt and strong and the delivery just immense. The drumming was sensational, the guitar riffs and bass crackling with life and power. Always good to see such a tight confident band who give it their all. I particularly liked their performance of ‘Take No Shit’ and ‘Liar’. 100% metal! Check out Rogue Male on www.rm2kmusic.com or on www.facebook.com/roguemaleuk .


2 Responses to “Icon and Rogue Male at The Roadhouse, B’ham”

  1. Larry Paterson – Drums » Birmingham and Saltash Says:

    […] things were progressing the right way! Really enjoyed it. Jenny also reviewed the show on her blog (although she got the wrong facebook address for RM…tee hee hee….it’s […]

    • jennytate Says:

      Hi Larry, sorry for getting the link wrong lol! I’ve tried to access the correct link on your comment, but it doesn’t appear to want me to, so I’ll find out from you and edit thereview. Thanks!

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