Ruthless – Metal Without Mercy EP Review

Warning! Orgasmic riffs contained within!

The re-issued Ruthless ‘Metal Without Mercy’ EP is nothing short of an accomplished work of art. Beginning with ‘Bury The Axe’, this track reminded me very much of G’ ‘N’ R’ and Sabbath, in particular the echoes of ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ within it, yet it is still unique!  It’s got it all! Powered up drum rolls, life, energy, passion, great riffs just buzzing with pizazz and skilled craftsmanship.

Moving on to the title track, ‘Metal Without Mercy’, aptly titled, it does what it says on the tin! Another great start, just feel those vibes! Headed in the right metallic direction from the start. Brilliantly paced throughout. As I said at the beginning, warning! Orgasmic riffs contained within and I meant it! If ever there was a truly perfect metal song in existence, this is it! The enthralled screams of ‘METAL’ are just divine! Get some down ya!

‘The Fever’ follows on from the rest. Frenetically paced right from the outset. A magic follow up to the preceding 2 tracks. It didnt even end for me with ‘Metal Without Mercy’. Metal Majesty! Catchy as hell. The harmony is blissful. It goes like a high speed train on fire and ends with another soul-piercing scream. Ten out of ten!

Out now on My Graveyard Productions (Italy).


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