Steeltrooper and Diamond Lil at Scruffy Murphy’s, B’ham   1 comment

Scruffy’s saw two fabulous sets last night from the already infamously talented Steeltrooper and the emerging raw talent Diamond Lil.  Steeltrooper’s sets are always fun and filled with drive, passion and verve and this was no exception.  New and steadfast Trooper fans were treated to the first public performance of a new song – ‘Reaper Ride’ – which was everything we’ve come to expect from Steeltrooper already – instantly catchy, fast-paced, brilliantly melodic and simply the epitome of true power/speed metal.  Confidently and cheerfully delivered, Steeltrooper always play an enjoyable set and their material just goes from strength to strength.  Frequently offering something new and always giving 100% to everything they do, Steeltrooper are fast becoming metal stars in the making.  Their debut album ‘Eternal Warrior’ is out now.  Check them out on .


Diamond Lil, a rapidly emerging blues rock talent, also based in the West Midlands, performed like true stars of the stage.  The ease and confidence with which they play is a rare gift and shows real potential for success.  The songs have some great catchy grooves and the riffs are divine.  The incredible vocal talent was effortlessly delivered with such a natural flow that it’s easy to see that these guys are headed for greatness.  There’s a smoothness to Diamond Lil’s performances that’s rarely seen and which stands out a mile.  These guys are well suited to their style and know how to capture the essence of blues rock at its finest.  Enjoyable, memorable and a much-needed addition to the world of blues rock, Diamond Lil have arrived.  Check them out on .


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One response to “Steeltrooper and Diamond Lil at Scruffy Murphy’s, B’ham

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  1. I think we may have gone to this one together XD Was a great gig either way 🙂

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