Maidallica at The Roadhouse, Birmingham

Maidallica were on top form and simply set the stage on fire at The Roadhouse last night.  This dazzling two-hour set has to be their best yet!  Sizzling with energy, they played a great selection of Metallica and Maiden  songs, including two bravely chosen numbers from Metallica’s ‘Death Magnetic’, all of which were played with such buzzing life force that the audience needed little encouragement to get involved.  The enjoyment in the room was almost palpable and the band were even asked to play an encore.  Every aspect of Maidallica’s performance was outstanding – from Shaun’s astounding vocal abilities and warmth to his charismatic front man persona, through to Luke and Dan’s furious, ferocious and beautifully melodic riffing, Si’s incredibly energised and vibrant bass lines and Cameron’s breathtakingly powerful drumming.  Maidallica are definitely a stage presence to be reckoned with.

The flame effects on the stage complimented the set well.  We were even treated to a brand new ADD track. (A Deeper Dreed – Maidallica’s other band) – entitled, ” Children of the Damned”, which was absolutely immense.  A thoroughly fun and enjoyable night, which showed Maidallica at their best.  A band who know how to enjoy themselves on stage and ensure the audience have fun with them.  Highly recommended.  Check them out on .


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