Wraith at The Roadhouse, Birmingham

Wraith’s performance at Metal To The Masses at The Roadhouse was truly phenomenal, as always. They blitzed their way through some top quality songs, played with so much zest that it was impossible not to get involved. I just have to love these guys. Matt’s bold and fun-loving front man presence combined with the sheer strength of his voice just captivates you completely and is well suited to Wraith’s material. Az and Jon’s guitar work was as sensational as ever. The riffs made the guitars sing and my woman bits tingle! The same can be said for Mike’s bass playing. Kirby’s drumming was, of course, the perfectly thunderous backdrop to the songs. This guy knows the meaning of ‘heavy metal’! It was great to hear a mixture of older and newer material by the band and every track was delivered with vigour and sheer metallic passion. (Still loving Metal Ed and Ritual the best). In true metal style, though, I’ve left the best till last…. Wraith have succeeded in getting through to the next round of Metal To The Masses and it’s a well deserved success! Big congratulations to the guys and check them out on www.facebook.com/wraithband .


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