Stuka Squadron, Dark Forest and Agincourt at Scruffy’s, B’ham.   Leave a comment

Very occasionally, a gig takes place which is so spectacular as to surpass all gigs and to warrant a description combining every positive word that’s ever been said about previous gigs.  Last night was one of those rare events.

The atmosphere in Scruffy’s last night was one of full-blooded metal unity.  As Agincourt began the show, we heard some familiar tracks from the current ‘Angels of Mons’ album and also a new track.  Overcoming some initial technical gremlins with great humour, the whole band rocked, to quote the great ‘Krusher Joule’, ‘hard, heavy and animal’.  Just what the Rock Queen likes to see!  Everyone threw themselves into the songs with fiery metal energy.  A well-placed opening band, Agincourt encouraged the crowd and set the scene greatly for the rest of the show. ( .

Dark Forest, a new band amongst my ‘seen them live’ collection, were, I’m very happy to say, a blazing phenomenon.  I loved their performance from start to finish.  Full metal throttle is possibly the best way to describe them, as is thrashers/mosher’s paradise.  Just so metal, I could feel the warmth of the metallic fires burning.  Rarely am I able to get so immersed in a new band’s performance immediately, but this time I was and they’ve rocked my world well and truly.  I seriously recommend you check them out now.  If you’re looking for some true metal blood, then Dark Forest is where you will find it.

Stuka Squadron closed the night with a performance of such absolute raging metal professionalism and energetic strength that words are hard to come by to fully do justice to their set.  Dressed in full Squadron uniform, blazing through tracks from the current ‘Tales of the Ost’ album and also material from ‘We Drink Blood’, they set the venue on fire.

Keeping the crowd involved and enthralled throughout, Stuka Squadron’s passion was infectious and their warmth towards their fans was a privilege to receive.  A totally faultless and delicious performance, followed by a much approved encore.  Stuka Squadron are the real deal.

James Duke Fang Begley’s mighty power screams, coupled with his stunning vocal strength and showmanship make him an unforgettable front man, especially after climbing onto the bar during last night’s performance!  Combining this with Jamie ‘Gravedigger’ Cox’s fabulously superior and memorable riffs, Graham ‘Lord’ Pyre’s simply bad ass bass playing, Larry Paterson’s familiarly flawless and thunderous drumming to end all drumming and the gorgeous riffs of Doktor Suicide, Stuka Squadron mean business and  deliver 100% metallic quality.  They ended on a high, with a cross formation guitar display, which is etched on my memory forever.  Check them out on .

All in all, a fabulous night of metal, made all the better by finally meeting the awesome Jim Beerman in the flesh!

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