Farseer “Chthonic Visions” EP

‘Omen of the Reaper’ provides an unusual beginning to Farseer’s “Chthonic Visions” EP, in the form of a slow, brief keyboard introduction to the CD.  Provoking imagery of rising from the ashes, it’s an inventive way to lead into the rest of the EP.

‘Nightmares Collide’ starts with a mighty power scream and some catchy energised riffs, moving smoothly into a mid paced tempo, remaining lyrically and melodically vibrant, with some well-placed harmonies and lots of classic upbeat riffs.  Peppered throughout with a thoroughly professional sound overall and the typically consistent driving resonance of Farseer’s material.  It’s rhythm resembling continuous motion, ‘Nightmares Collide’ bodes well for the band.

If the awesomely thrashy beginning of ‘Second Strike’ doesn’t do something for you, I don’t know what will!  Gloriously fast-paced and melodic throughout, with some raging rolling drum parts working perfectly with the effortlessly smooth and well polished vocals and the simply immense and brilliantly crafted guitar parts, it just works!  Slowing the pace briefly, before picking it back up again, all the time maintaining the sheer metal beauty it possesses in droves, ‘Second Strike’ ends smoothly and cleanly, leaving you wishing it didn’t have to end.  That’s what I call pure metal legend!

‘Game of the Gods’ starts off rapidly and reflects its title musically incredibly well.  The visual imagery present throughout the pumping  furious rhythm of this track is just magical.  I’m just loving those power screams!  The riffs just get better and better…. those combined with the drum rolls call for some serious headbanging and as the furious riffs fade out, the song ends on a beautiful acoustic arrangement which to my mind, provides the perfect close.  Metal territory extravaganza!  If any band know how to give an audience what they want, it’s Farseer.  Fabulous track altogether.

‘Chthonic Visions’ has to be my personal favourite and as such, is well-placed to finish the EP.  Beginning with a piano intro, the song then blazes into life with some powerful riffs, along with some equally powerful vocals and drums.  It keeps up the metal momentum throughout, providing one of the catchiest melodies I’ve ever heard.  Once heard, ‘Chthonic Visions’ is impossible to forget.  This song just rages forward, overflowing with life and energy, containing a delicious number of edible power screams.  The instrumentals lead out on an upbeat tone, finishing with a piano solo just as beautiful as the opening one.  I could listen to ‘Chthonic Visions’ forever and never grow tired of it.  A well chosen and perfect ending to a power infused metallic work of art.  Catch Farseer on www.facebook.com/farseermetal or on www.twitter.com/farseermetal or check them out live.  Having also seen them live, I can guarantee they are a top-quality live act!


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