Twisted Species and Captain Horizon at The Roadhouse

It was great to finally see Twisted Species at The Roadhouse last night.  Their set did them a lot of justice and brought out their well honed skills, aswell as their varied musical influences and chemistry as a band.  I enjoyed listening to their live material and they pulled off a cover of Blackstone Cherry’s ‘White Trash Millionaire’ brilliantly.  The vocalist really stands out and his vocal qualities hold such earthy maturity as to remind me of Paul Weller.  A great blues rock sound, appearing funky in places and combining a wide variety of influences to create a unique sound, Twisted Species are a band to watch! Find them on facebook!


Captain Horizon just blew my mind, rocked my world and touched the metal core of my soul to such an extent that words are hard to come by.  In fact, I suspect that no words can fully do justice to the sheer metallic magnitude of their set.  If ever there was a band on whose music I’m hooked on first listen, it’s Captain Horizon.  This was one of those occasions on which I was truly awestruck by the scale of the immensity of metal proficiency, beauty and absolute passion so evident in their music.  Captain Horizon have command of the term ‘metal’ and it’s criminal that they’re not yet signed!  Look out for their EP Radiostasis and their forthcoming album, due out in December. Check out or find them on facebook for more info.


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