Wraith at Scruffy Murphy’s, B’ham

Another outstanding performance from Wraith at Scruffy’s last night.  True heavy metal thunder are the words that spring to mind.  I could literally feel the metal blood flowing through my veins, an experience that happens every time I hear Wraith play and last night’s gig provided a much-needed Christmas and New Year metal fix!


Most of the new material from the forthcoming album was showcased and it’s great to see the band grow more and more confident with the newer songs.  Not only does their combined musical skill and dexterity increase with every performance, but so does their chemistry and tightness as a band.  Mention must be given to the stand in bassist (Dan from Aceldama).  His was a stellar performance and considering how enthusiastically he plays, it’s a shame he’s not playing permanently with Wraith!


It’s always good to see Wraith going from strength to strength and their gigs are always quality, fun and memorable.  Wraith are easily amongst my top metal bands to see live.  Keep your eyes open for the new album, which is due out next year.  Visit them online at www.facebook.com/wraithband or at www.wraithband.com .


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