Pantheon ‘Intervention’ EP Review

The new release from Pantheon entitled ‘Intervention’ bursts into life with the  first track, ‘Voice Of Hate’. An absolutely excellent track, just buzzing with metallic energy, blistering guitar riffs, cracking drum beats and sharp and powerful vocals, supported by super-charged bass lines. It’s a must for all metal fans and I love it. A fantastic and vibrant beginning to the EP.

The second track, ‘Bladerunner’, rearranged from the initial EP, with even more strength and energy, simply blazes along like metal fire. Proof of Pantheon’s ultimate prowess in the field, they should be very proud of this song.

Third track, ‘Black Gold’ is another winner, just enough to enjoy the sheer exuberance and gone too fast for my liking. The sound remains strong and bold throughout. A great lead up to the final track.

‘Silent Apocalypse’ is a well placed last track, raging along with invigorating riffs, raw vocals and stunning bass work and drum beats. I swear it gets heavier and heavier to the end. Finishing with a tremendously beautiful fading guitar riff, it’s an astonishing end to a spectacular EP. I’d call ‘Intervention’ gold standard metal and a must for any true fan of life enhancing inspirational metal. **********. Buy it now! .


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