Soldierfield EP Review

This new offering from Soldierfield, ‘Bury The Ones We Love’,  starts and ends with striking force. Storming into life with opening title track, ‘Bury The Ones We Love’, holding a pounding pace, like metal artillery in motion, it’s consistently strong in delivery, with profoundly emphatic lyrics, both in themselves and in their delivery.

Next track, ‘Feel Alive’, continues the heavy loaded feel, as does following track, ‘Leave You In Dirt’, both showing that the guys have nailed the knack of performing dark material in a vibrant manner. The darkness of the imagery in the artwork on the EP is stunning aswell. Credit to the artist, Matt Grundy. Creativity abounds throughout this release.

‘Skyflower’ –  a softer song with a slight ballady feeling in places, yet still retaining the heavy emphasis, alternating between gentle and heavier   sections. Versatility is the key word here and it’s demonstrated amply in this song. It’s actually a song you tend to get into more with each listen.  Fading out gently, it just leaves me wanting more.

Finishing with final track, ‘The Path’,  consolidating the hard and heavy factor, hitting you full force, like a juggernaut careering towards you at speed, this has got it all. Containing some fab power riffs, completing the magic, the metallic energy lives on throughout.  Finally fading out on a gentle riff and a rare hint of a glockenspiel, you can almost visualise the song moving off into the distance. A great metallic package altogether!

For professionalism, energy and overall sound, I’d give this one 9 out of 10!


Available now on Metalbox Recordings. More info on



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