Iron Knight’s New Sound Of War Album Review

Opening track, ‘Jericho’ just crackles and fizzes into life with James Duke Fang Bengley’s distinctive vocals, emitting a rare strength and quality I’ve never heard before, including his occasional delightful power screams.

‘First Legion’ rages on with the same characteristic strength and enthusiasm unique to the Iron Knights. Some simply divinely melodic power riffs from Jamie ‘Gravedigger’ Cox, peppered throughout this track. It comes to a sudden sharp end, just enough to leave you wanting more.

‘Feeder Of Crows’ – a slightly more mellow track. For some reason, it’s a song I imagine listening to in the garden on a  summer’s day. Ah yes, that’s the term I was after…mellow summer metal!

‘Tell Me Strange Things’ carries an air of mystery about it, with a few evil laughs well placed, by James, a touch I always enjoy in metal songs and is over in a flash.

‘Immortals’ is a beautiful guitar solo, in which I can hear the guitar sing! (Something that gets my juices flowing every time)! Another rapidly finished track, but still, it creates the right effect.

‘The Path’ – I have one thing to say about this track – thankyou Gravedigger, for the stunningly sexy guitar riffs. They’re what makes it for me! With, of course, a generous proportion of Larry Paterson’s awesome drumming and James’s notorious power vocals and ending, inevitably, on one of his immense power screams.

‘Desert Fox’ has an echo of the 1st album about it. Well constructed, it just seems to have the right amount of everything and fits perfectly for my liking. I particularly like the vocal harmonies.

‘The Messenger’ – whilst I can’t say that this track holds anything unique for me, it’s still well delivered and I can’t fault it. If one thing can be said about Iron Knights, it’s that their music always holds a professional sound.

‘Afterwrath’ is literally just that. The aftermath of the previous track and it’s gone in seconds. As such, there isn’t much that can be said about it, but as with other albums which boast a track or two of this kind, it’s a nice poignant touch.

‘Bloodstorm’ – I like the sinister vampiric emphasis of this track and it works well as a final track, acting as a reminder of the themes of the Iron Knights’ music.

Dare I say it, but I’m getting more and more into this album with each listen!

Favourite tracks, ‘First Legion’ and ‘Bloodstorm’. For overall sound, teamwork and pure likeability factor and of course, Larry’s Iron Knights specific album artwork, I’m giving it 8 out of 10!

One last word – James, you’re going to have to teach me how to do some of those amazing power screams…wait, I just realised how dodgy that sounded….oh well ,never mind, all in the name of METAL!

******** Out now on MetalBox Recordings. More info on .



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  1. Larry Paterson Says:

    Thanks for the review Jenny 🙂

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