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Imagine a jamming session, consisting of all the early greats of grunge and blues rock and here you have a recipe for the sound of Marc Malone’s new material, ‘Shadow Side’.  Earthier, angrier, darker and definitely sexier, the new EP will blow your bits off!

Track one, ‘ You Will Lose’, starts with gentle acoustics, rapidly crashing into life, with a forceful combo of instrumentals and raw angry vocals with a fresh passion, breathing new life into the current material.  This track contains some rather lovely speed riffs too, which in my book is always a bonus.  A great start to the EP.

Second track, ‘Illusions’ – Dark vocals begin this track and continue to bring a unique dark energy to the track as a whole.  It’s an all round eye-opener with a quality all of its own.  ‘Illusions’ carries a simple pleasure which has to be heard to be understood.

The third track, ‘Do I’ – The intro reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’, then evolves into a hard grunge rock sound all of its own.  The bass line continues to hold echoes of DFTR, which seems to do something very positive for the song.  It’s very much a bluesy number, with various twists and turns, even putting me slightly in mind of Pearl Jam.  A great experimental track with oodles of rocky potential.

Track four, ‘I’ll keep you’ – A softer number altogether, with Celtic hints and still remaining pleasantly rocky with some beautiful guitar riffs and nice intense drum rolls, morphing into heavier harder vocals.  This song progresses into heavier and heavier territory in just the right way.  Marc’s talents in this track reflect those of the early geniuses of rock’s roots.

Penultimate track, ‘Roll the Tide’, begins with some pure low-toned guitar chords, accompanied by softer vocals, once again, suddenly bursting into passionate strong vocals, equalled by heavy toned instrumentals.  It holds an aura of suspense and such an expertly placed hard grunge rock tone throughout as to be reminiscent of Alice in Chains.  No easy task, but the sound has been captured well.  The drums on this track are particularly noticeable, for their sheer energetically fuelled powerful sound.  Tom Fenn is one of those drummers one remembers.  It rolls along fantastically till the end, with everything gelling perfectly.

Final track, ‘Come to Life’ begins with an intro similar to that of Blackstone Cherry’s ‘Blind Man’, but with an obviously individual spin on this type of sound.  A clearly Southern rock influenced track, the enjoyability of which is clearly audible.  A relatively short but zingy track, which makes its point well and ends perfectly with a final drum hit.  It’s a brilliant culmination to the EP and couldn’t be better placed.  All in all, a vibrant, life enhancing EP, revealing Marc Malone in a new and exciting light.

‘Shadow Side’ is altogether heavier, darker, harder and shadier, placing a new and thrilling spin on the band.  Watch this space for more……

‘Shadow Side’ is currently available on Amazon.  More details can be found on .

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