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Blue Origin Somnium Album Review   7 comments

Blue Origin’s debut album ‘Somnium’ is a rocker’s paradise from start to finish.

Sick – A fab scream from Nick at the intro, following one of Tom’s awesomely heavy drum hits. The guitars and vocals roar into life, raging along at a delightfully rapid pace.  This whole track just trundles along like a thundering heavy-metal train, ending on a passionately delivered vocal line from Nick. Competent, slick, sleek, smooth.  It just rocks!

Take Your Pills – Great melody.  Full of catchy riffs, rhythms, drum rolls and vocals.  This is definitely amongst my favourites.  Not much needs to be said about this track, as it’s just got it all and it’s got ‘rock hit’ written all over it.

Blur the Lines – memorable for the harmonica opener, this has got a very welcome blues edge to it.  The chorus is one of those all-time catchy well written, well executed choruses that stand the test of time.  Some simply beautifully sexy guitar riffs.  Nick’s voice was made for this song.

Whatever Happened – A softer beginning, but soon gives way to a notoriously Originesque rocky chorus.  The arrangements are superb.  A brilliant team effort of epic proportions.  Band chemistry is amongst the best in this band.

Make Me – Here we have a beautiful rock ballad, sung and played with real feeling, which just gets you every time and once again, shows the true versatility of Blue Origin.  Stunning.

Everything – The guys rock things back up again for this track.  It’s got speed, balls, energy, in short, all you could want in a rock track of this length.  Holding the momentum fantastically throughout, it ends while still holding you in its grip.  Always the mark of a memorable rock song.

Scream – A great follow-up to the last track, it holds a similar pace throughout and this brings out Tom’s drum beats in just the right way and it’s over too quickly!!!

Godless – Accompanied by a video, this track is a special one and warrants listening on an even bigger scale.  A totally professional sound and it does the band huge credit.  This song should take the band far even on its own merits.  It’s just got to be heard.

Junkie – A slightly more relaxed track, containing more of those sexy riffs I love so much, it’s enough to make you hit the heights of metal ecstasy!  This one simply glides along on metal waves, taking you with it all the way, till the end on a very bluesy note.  Great work!

Don’t Hold On – Real emphasis in the lyrics of this one, accompanied by the same instrumental emphasis.  What I’d call a real class number.  Carrying a different tone to the rest, it’s a track that conjures lots of visual imagery.  Incredibly strong in its delivery, you just feel it throughout.  Another well honed work of greatness.

(A)wake – A slow piano intro to this, accompanied by some gentle guitar riffs and the atmosphere is almost palpable within it.  The performance speaks to your very soul.  It’s an eloquently delivered and emphatically short track, which does its job well.

All in all, a sheer work of perfection.  I’m giving it 10 stars.**********.  Check it out on .

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