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So the long-awaited gig not only lived up to expectations but exceeded them as well!  This was the beginning of Marc’s UK tour, to promote his new six track EP, ‘Shadow Side’.  A great beginning it was, too!  A new raw edginess has emerged to Marc Malone’s music, amply demonstrated within the opening track, ‘You Will Lose’.  The accompanying video to that track can be found on the links provided at the end.

The infinitely heavier new material is well-suited to the band line-up, consisting of Marc Malone on vocals and guitar, GMT on bass and Tom Fenn on drums.  The latter has brought an absolute powerhouse of stunning drumming ability to the band, doing it great justice and complementing it well.  A true pro. GMT’s bass work was also superb during this gig, displaying the truly gifted musician within. 

The growth and maturity of Marc’s lyrics and vocals is electric!  His characteristic guitar sound has been maintained, yet now in an even more sophisticated format.  The same can be said of his stage persona, now brought to life by the fresh energy within the new material, which has moved it into altogether heavier territory, giving it a new lease of life.

My favourite track of all has to be the well chosen and in my opinion, perfect closing track, ‘Come To Life’.  To my ears, this track has within it, all of the elements of the classic product of true musical expression of life.  It carries a great vibe, resonating right through to my soul and in my humble opinion, you can’t ask for more than that where heavy rock songs are concerned.  This, to me, is the pinnacle of Marc’s journey into true heavy rock terrain.

Throughout the performance of ‘Shadow Side’ were echoes of many of the greats of rock history, whilst the band still retained their own unique sound and style.  To hear more, simply go to or .

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