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Trigger Album Review   Leave a comment

Little other than a stream of endless metallic compliments would do the new Trigger album justice.  It’s got balls!  It’s got meat!  It’s got substance!  An old school rock and metal soundalike in the best possible way.  This is the New Wave of British Heavy Metal incarnate!

One listen to this and I thought Saxon had just stepped into the room.  Shagtastic, power cranked up to the max, this pumps the metal out with no hesitation.  Catchy as hell, I defy you not to get into it instantly and rock  out till your head bleeds. 

With nine original tracks, this is full on metalgasm territory.  All the versatility of the cream of Heavy Metal, it’s like hearing all your favourite classic tracks brought back to life and revitalised with a new spin.  There’s little else to be said except that this is the finest metal extravaganza I’ve heard in a long long time.  Trigger, you owe me a new drumstick aka pen!

A clear 10 out of 10!.  Go listen!  You’ll find them on facebook.


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