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Iron Knights album review   2 comments

This brand new offering from Iron Knights may be an acquired sound for some, as a complete deviation from previous line-ups and sounds.  It does, though, show a new direction, becoming catchy in its own right, on subsequent listens, enlightening us as to the journey Iron Knights are now taking and inviting us along for the ride.  It’s great and profound lyrics caught my attention first.

Transparent – The opening definitely means business.  Like an army marching into battle, Larry’s drums kick into action with that characteristic rolling force. The vocals fresh and filled with intent.  Some nice melodic guitar work in there.  Ending in perfect synch.

Falling from Grace – Following on from the opener, with the same sense and sound of rolling along perfectly.  An easy feel to it in tempo terms and I’ve got to like the high vocal pitch ending it.  Works well.

Vicious Circle – Straight in there with such effortless expertise, it’s as if there’s no real beginning, as you’re launched straight into the rest of the track and it just speeds along at such a pace that it’s over before you know it.  Holds a feel of being overtaken by events, with no chance to react, which seems to be the overriding lyrical message.

A Chapter’s Lesion – Slower pace and feel, the lyrics elucidate the tone of this song.  Beautiful sentiment, clearly heard within the vocals.  A very courageous and well aurallly depicted track.  Ended with a clearly resonant riff.

Genocide – Reverting back to the earlier lyrical themes of injustice, dishonesty, betrayal and deceit and their consequences.  A short track, which says all that it needs to say within a short time.  It fades out on darker musical tones, in-keeping with its lyrics, clarifying its overriding message.

Cry for Help – This carries a more individual basis in its words and sound.  It speaks of the painful human journey of one and ends well on a painful cry, summing up the song’s title.

Blind – An angry track, railing at the actions of others, turning up the aggression, both vocally and instrumentally and doing it well.  Not much more to be said.  We get the point).

Jacob’s Ladder – A regretful song, this time, playing out the negativity of the past.  You can clearly hear the emotions in the vocals and the instrumentals.  It bleeds out in a very cathartic sense.  A strong sense of hope lost and gained, in equal measure.  Powerful feel.

Bonus tracks, Bloodstorm, The Messenger and Jericho, taken from previous incarnations of the band.

Out now on MetalBox Recordings.

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