Aonia Sunchaser EP Review

Sunchaser – Blasts into life with raging intensity.  A brilliant start to the EP.  Mel’s characteristic vocals set the tone, hitting the highest tones with precision skill and timing, accompanied by the perfectly blended instrumentals.  Ferocious riffs, blistering drums and clear, strong bass line supporting the song.  It thrums along, heavily and confidently, retaining its vibrancy to the end.  Classy high velocity metal.

Echoes – Opening slowly, with gradual intensity, ‘Echoes’ demonstrates Aonia’s versatility.  A different feel, but never losing the metallic edge.  Overall, a more relaxed number, with a darker, haunting atmosphere, yet equally as uplifting – a rare musical skill to clinch.

Warrior’s Path – Picking up the pace again, this track doesn’t hesitate to hammer its’ message home.  It carries an operatic metal feel.  Once more, showing the different approaches throughout Aonia’s music, Warrior’s Path brings out the stunning range and power within Mel’s vocals.  A very visual song, pulsating with purpose.

Reflections – An unusual opening, moving through various styles, ‘Reflections’ really highlights Aonia’s skills in this direction.  The track comes together well, harmonising beautifully.  It carries within it some superb instrumentals and ends on a high.  (Too quickly for my liking).

Nightmare – A very fitting opener for the title, with echoes of Maiden.  Always a good thing!  Compelling sound that had me humming along in no time.  Smooth and sleek delivery, intensely sexy riffage, gloriously metallic vocal quality, drum work and bass lines too good to be true.  ‘Nightmare’ is a perfect conclusion, displaying Aonia at the height of their ability so far.  The best is yet to come!

Another one for the 10 star collection, RQ approved metal delights!



3 Responses to “Aonia Sunchaser EP Review”

  1. Mel of Aonia Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Jenny! I can’t take credit for all the high notes though – the highest notes were from my co-vocalist, Jo (who is much more trained…and much more talented than I am)! What a lovely, detailed review. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. emikochan13 Says:

    Love Aonia, great review ^_^

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