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Torous ‘Tolerate X’ Review   Leave a comment

New Torous track ‘Tolerate X’ just crashes into life, displaying the heaviness and skilled musicianship most self-respecting rock/metal artists aim for.  It’s simply divine and will reel you in and hook you at first listen.  Great thought-provoking lyrics too.  Marc’s voice has that edgy gritty quality that comes of long experience in the field and the instrumentals are to die for.  The whole track just rolls along heavily till it’s confident, impassioned end.  I could listen to this on endless repeat. Torous have nailed it with this track alone.  Check them out on . for more info.


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The Dystopian Project – Death Leaves An Echo EP Review   Leave a comment

Broken Reality – Very skilled beautiful piano intro, followed by what can only be described as a crashing guitar riff, blended with hauntingly powerful female vocals of a stunningly high quality.  The whole song carries a determined march of winter theme about it, evoking imagery matching with the title. A really strong piece of music, fresh and alive, with beautifully soulful melodies, just carries you away in its thrall.  Fading out resonantly, this is as close to a perfect wintery metal song as you’re likely to get.

Delirium  –  Great effect at the outset.  A varied guitar technique, seguing effortlessly from one style to another, flowing well into the pitch perfect vocals.  This is a collaboration in which the chemistry between vocals and instrumentals fits in one of the most exacting ways I’ve heard in a long time.

Dystopian – Very dark piano and keyboard/synth intro, giving way to some fabulous guitar melodies and soaring vocals.  Imagery of a literal lifting process taking place hits me within this song.  A heavier middle section, with some very heavy noticeable drum rolls.  This is another catchy chorus.  Great outro – works well.  The whole song feels like a bird in flight. 

Last Innocent Man – Lovely acoustic opening.  Vocal harmonies follow.  A gentler sound which flows well.  This track carries a quieter feel, still retaining the darkness and sombre tone of preceding songs.  It conveys its meaning beautifully well.

Winter’s Hall – The Hallmark of the entire project.  This song speaks volumes and doubtlessly forms the backdrop to the rest.  Very nice, catchy start.  So hard to write about this one without getting absorbed in it.  Imagine a metalled up wintery fantasy film scene and that’s the best description I can give of this song.  It just has to be heard.  Ooh and I even hear a Whitesnake-esque riff in there somewhere.  Good job!  Great, escapist stuff. Well placed in the sense of leaving the best till last.

Due to be released at the end of March 2015 via Prog Sphere Promotions. You can also check out the ‘Delirium’ video on

All in all, a delightful, accomplished, wintery metal masterpiece!  This gets 10 stars. **********

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Grand Magus ‘Iron Will’ Album Review   Leave a comment

Fucking hell!  Grand Magus’s ‘Iron Will’ album hits you like a log through the stomach!  The strength within each track is unsurpassed, filling you with motivation, courage and inspiration.  The imagery it plants in your head is reminiscent of Nordic winters, Vikings on rafts, wielding large weapons and outdoor metal fests, with sexy metal men just smashing the world to pieces.  If ever there was a powerful, determined, hard hitting, heavy album of steel to end all steel, then this is it.  Like a heavy metal lightning bolt from above, ‘Iron Will’ tops the lot.  Each track is an utter delight of melodic heavy metal, with a flavour of heaven that just shouts, screams and sings to all your senses.  I never want it to end!  Beyond any star rating. I could talk about ‘Iron Will’ forever.  A startlingly beautiful metal feast of epic proportions.  Stunningly attractive artwork aswell. This is the complete package.  The first album to hit me so strongly for a long time and definitely a unique, trademark sound I haven’t heard from any other band yet.  A particular brand of heaviness most bands would struggle to match up to.  I simply love ‘Iron Will’ to death.  An unarguable must have for any self-respecting heavy metal fan.  It’s one album you need in your life.  If your metal collection does not yet boast a copy, go out and buy it immediately.  You’ll never want it to move from your player.  There are no words to end on except just fucking hell!


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