Grand Magus ‘Iron Will’ Album Review

Fucking hell!  Grand Magus’s ‘Iron Will’ album hits you like a log through the stomach!  The strength within each track is unsurpassed, filling you with motivation, courage and inspiration.  The imagery it plants in your head is reminiscent of Nordic winters, Vikings on rafts, wielding large weapons and outdoor metal fests, with sexy metal men just smashing the world to pieces.  If ever there was a powerful, determined, hard hitting, heavy album of steel to end all steel, then this is it.  Like a heavy metal lightning bolt from above, ‘Iron Will’ tops the lot.  Each track is an utter delight of melodic heavy metal, with a flavour of heaven that just shouts, screams and sings to all your senses.  I never want it to end!  Beyond any star rating. I could talk about ‘Iron Will’ forever.  A startlingly beautiful metal feast of epic proportions.  Stunningly attractive artwork aswell. This is the complete package.  The first album to hit me so strongly for a long time and definitely a unique, trademark sound I haven’t heard from any other band yet.  A particular brand of heaviness most bands would struggle to match up to.  I simply love ‘Iron Will’ to death.  An unarguable must have for any self-respecting heavy metal fan.  It’s one album you need in your life.  If your metal collection does not yet boast a copy, go out and buy it immediately.  You’ll never want it to move from your player.  There are no words to end on except just fucking hell!



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