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The Self Titled – Airlock and War of Attrition   Leave a comment

Welcome to two new singles from The Self Titled.

Airlock – Ooh, loving the heaviness!  The intro’s almost vampiric!  Here is a seasoned metal band, who just know what to do and how to do it.  The whole song carries itself along confidently, with lots of perfectly metallic sounds, beats and tones.  It holds a nice aggressive melody throughout, which reels you in and continues with the relentlessly heavy vibe right to the end.  A very tasty slice of metal pie!

War of Attrition – Straight in there with some very heavy metal instrumentals. Ooh, the vocals here are reminiscent of Dave Mustaine’s own Megadeth vocals!  That’s some skill to nail!  Liking the growls and fabulously melodic vocals and lyrics within this track!  Versatile in the demonstration of the easy rapid swings between tones and pitches.  This track means business!  Some truly magical guitar riffs that just fit like a glove.  Rolls along heavily to the end.  Got to love it!

Star Rating – Forget the star rating.  I want more!

If you’re going to push me for a star rating, though, I’d have to say 10/10.


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Alter Eden ‘Broken’ and ‘Fade’ Reviews   Leave a comment

Broken – A sombre feel, sung with lots of feeling.  Interesting variety of arrangements, varying in volume throughout.  Brought to life by Nick’s distinctive vocals, which would be well placed in any genre of rock.  His diversity of vocal strategies suit the versatility of the instrumentals well.  You really feel the message within this song, embodied within its well chosen title and lyrics.  In fact, the whole track seems to symbolise ending and its associated closure.  If so, then it does it well.  Alter Eden certainly know how to express and convey deep and meaningful emotions in song.

Fade – Here is the beginning of a new chapter!  A much heavier feel, whilst still speaking of the fallout from the past.  This track, though, carries a much more positive feel.  Its’ sound is almost like a re-birth or the birth of something new.  Seems somewhat experimental in its nature.  A very assertive ending.  I’m intrigued to hear what comes next!


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Martyr de Mona Impera album review   1 comment

Siege Mentality – Dark and light at the intro.  Gradual acoustic and piano intro.  Drums crash in, followed by vocals.  MDM’s characteristic sound is well demonstrated here.  Accomplished, easy, confident flow.  Some lovely guitar riffs in here.  The song carries itself well.  All instrumentals and vocals are used and combined to good effect. 

Influence and Persuasion – The sound within this track harks back to that on the initial album.  MDM have created new twists and turns on their unique sound and styles, which work well.

Reprisal –  Slightly samey in feel to the previous track, but with an angrier sound.  It does have a more progressive signature and is definitely harder and heavier.

Sentient – Beautiful vocal intro.  My favourite so far.  Gentler and sung with so much feeling.  Accompanied by equally gentle instrumentals.  The lyrics are certainly powerful enough to evoke intrigue regarding their origins.  The sombre mood has been captured well within the tones and harmonies used.  Gradually joined by a heavier guitar and drum section at just the right point.  MDM have an intuitive grasp of how to utilise melodies and timing to capture specific moods and emotions.  This track shows it the most.  It’s therefore, well titled.

Impera -A louder intro, holding a much more outspoken, bold sentiment. Ooh, loving one of the guitar riffs in there, at the mid-section.  Just stunning!  A nice heavy ending, including a fabulous drum roll.

Nothing Sacred – Imagery well constructed here.  Again, the lyrics and sound are well combined to create various shades of emotions, aurally and visually.  It embodies light and shade brilliantly.  More great riffs that just seep into your veins.

Gravity Breaks – Another perfect depiction of darkness and light, alternating within the music in a way that hits you hard.  The sounds within this track are those of a band growing steadily more and more accomplished and creative at every turn.

KYO – Loving some of the melodies here.  A heavy feel, with even more determined and strong vocals. Curious title.  Short and sweet.  It’s safe to say they’ve definitely got the guitar parts down well in these songs!

Suffer Unto Me – Slower intro.  Speeds up on vocal accompaniment.  Echoes of the self titled album again, with some more new additions and techniques.  I’d say there is perhaps more technique than melody in here, but it’s obviously meant to be a different feel and style to the other songs anyway.  Technical precision reigns here!

Hollow Shore – A more maudlin essence to this one.  Probably a good choice for the closer, especially in terms of its title.  Seems to hold a dark message/warning pertaining to world events.  Quite political lyrical contents, supported by the sounds, which again, capture the associated moods well.  Brilliantly placed piano outro.  A difficult track to describe in a musical sense, possibly because of the overtly emphasised lyrically political overtones.  It just needs to be heard to gain a better musical grasp of it.

Stand out track – Sentient.

Overall, a good progression for the band, highlighting their musical skill and integrity, whilst sounding a tad repetitive in places.  They never lose their passion or effortless musicianship.  Always good to hear MDM material.

7/8 stars *******/********

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Soldierfield ‘Catharsis’ Album Review   Leave a comment

Opening Soldierfield’s debut ‘Catharsis’ album, ‘The Light’ carries lots of life and energy, reminiscent of ‘The Path’, which closes their debut EP, ‘Bury The Ones We Love’.  Leigh Oates’s vocals are powerful, meaningful and sincere, with a very distinctive sound; well complemented by the stark, bold instrumentals, which storm straight into life with real intent.


‘Beautiful Lie’ holds a haunting sound within it; a good follow-up to the intro track, it holds its own well throughout.


‘The Only War’ – Great intro.  A gentler feel, which leaves you anticipating the rest.  This is a darker track, with lyrics to match.  Easy to get carried away by the imagery it evokes.

‘Burn Bright’ – Strong intro.  Demonstrates Leigh’s vocal dexterity.  The chorus is extremely resonant, sung so passionately and unforgettable, once you’ve heard it.  It hit me harder than any other part of the album and really got under my skin.  This, for me, is the album’s strongest track.  It stands out like nothing else.


‘Monochrome’ – Well-placed filler track.  It has some good melodies and powerful lyrics and the band do maintain the strong momentum throughout.


‘Ghosts’ – Catchy chorus, with a decent melody.  I’d have liked it to have been longer.  The whole song carries an air of intrigue about it, which is a good strategy.  It just seems to fade out just as it’s building momentum, which is disappointing, as it holds the potential for so much more.  Though, maybe that fits with the point of its title, to be fair.


‘New Religion’ – Probably the strongest lyrics yet.  I feel it’s the lyrics that really make this song and give it its strength.  The instrumentals are very fitting for the lyrics and it closes in a very visual sense.


‘Catharsis’ – I love the title of this and feel it says it all.  Catharsis is beautiful, sung in just the right tone and everything blends perfectly within this one.  You can’t fail to feel this track.  It’s definitely over far too early!


‘Nothing left’ – A fresher, more upbeat song, brimming with energy.  Still dark lyrics, but carrying an altogether different feel, musically.  I really like the sound of this and how it rolls along.  Really well emphasised ending.


‘Cut the Ties’ – Ooh, loving the sounds of the seashore at the outset.  A very definite feel of closure about this song, so it’s fitting that it’s the closing track.  This is a very determined and eloquent performance.  Some great guitar riffs and drum rolls in there.  The band have elevated themselves high with this track.  Fantastic work!  Their potential for growth and success could easily be measured in this song alone.  I love the rain at the end).


Overall, a very impressive piece of work, with some fabulous Gothic art work and a skill level that bodes well for the future.  I’m giving it 8 stars.
******** .

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