The Self Titled – Airlock and War of Attrition   Leave a comment

Welcome to two new singles from The Self Titled.

Airlock – Ooh, loving the heaviness!  The intro’s almost vampiric!  Here is a seasoned metal band, who just know what to do and how to do it.  The whole song carries itself along confidently, with lots of perfectly metallic sounds, beats and tones.  It holds a nice aggressive melody throughout, which reels you in and continues with the relentlessly heavy vibe right to the end.  A very tasty slice of metal pie!

War of Attrition – Straight in there with some very heavy metal instrumentals. Ooh, the vocals here are reminiscent of Dave Mustaine’s own Megadeth vocals!  That’s some skill to nail!  Liking the growls and fabulously melodic vocals and lyrics within this track!  Versatile in the demonstration of the easy rapid swings between tones and pitches.  This track means business!  Some truly magical guitar riffs that just fit like a glove.  Rolls along heavily to the end.  Got to love it!

Star Rating – Forget the star rating.  I want more!

If you’re going to push me for a star rating, though, I’d have to say 10/10.



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