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Defy All Reason ‘Bad Blood’ Review   Leave a comment

Very powerful drum intro!  Nice, gritty vocals.  Decent harmonies.  This would make a good soundtrack for a rock film.  Typically rock ‘n’ roll and whilst it may be a little bit cliched, it still rings true and remains a well honed musical performance, with the obvious band chemistry to match. The arrangements gel well and the sound quality is good.  Overall, a well constructed song, with room for more individuality, if injected with a slightly more personal touch. Check out their fb page for more.

6/10 ******



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Joe Bonamassa and Blues Pills Track Reviews   Leave a comment

Fuck me, Classic Rock have nailed it this time!  ‘Classic Rock Presents The Best Of 2014’ is an unsurpassed joyful masterpiece from start to finish.  To pick two stand-alone tracks, though, it has to be Joe Bonammasa’s ‘Never Give All Your Heart’ and Blues Pills’ ‘High Class Woman’.

‘Never Give All Your Heart’ is a living testament to Joe Bonamassa’s seductively soulful style and haunting tones, emphasising his ability to make a guitar sing to your soul.  Remember how sexy the old Cadbury’s Flake advert was?  Imagine it with a ramped up, even sexier blues rock soundtrack and there you have NGAYH. The riffs throughout are like chocolate melting through your veins.  Its’ combination of Joe’s easy vocals and beautifully melodious riffs can’t fail to speak to your heart and flow through your blood in a way too good for words.  This track is the epitome of absolute seasoned professional perfection.  Sung and played with such total and obvious love and passion.  It gets inside you in a big way.

Well above and beyond any star rating.  Therefore, it’s another ‘Fuck Me’ star rating.

Blues Pills – ‘High Class Woman’

This hit me like a thunderbolt of lightning.  The way she just belts it out is just second to none.  Its sheer power literally caused me to drop the hairdryer, shouting, ‘FUCK!  What’s this?’

The very essence of true blues rock/metal and the vocals put me in mind of every massively successful and unforgettable female rock and blues vocalist who’s ever lived.  Great to hear so much fabulous talent and passion combined.  The whole track is a whirlwind of ecstasy that I could listen to repeatedly.  This band have nailed that skill of sweeping you up within their music immediately and then, bang, it’s over, with a decisive and precise ending.  Blues Pills will definitely go places and I can’t wait to hear more.

Star rating, you guessed it, Fuck’s sake, too good for star ratings.

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