Trivax – ‘The World Is Dead’ EP

‘The Dawn of Man’ – Ooh, a very sinister organ intro!  Very horror movie-esque, with a sudden explosion of drums and a ghost train type experience, with echoes of circus activity, slightly reminiscent of Wasp’s song, ‘Welcome to the Electric Circus’.  Short and well, I would say sweet, but, actually, it’s anything but).  Short and scary just about covers it.  Darkness incarnate.

‘Wormwood’ – Retaining the sinister sound of track one, this brings in some very eerie instrumentals and growly vocals.  I see what the band mean about rock ‘n’ roll that sounds like extreme metal!  It creates an impression of being stuck in a cellar, with the cast of the Munsters, the Addams family and Frankenstein, combined.  Just very darkly atmospheric and the sound just fits with that whole feel.  Run. Run for your life, run now!  Ends on a very assertive, definitive drum beat.

‘Of Stone and Flesh’ – Again, continuing with the Halloween -esque style, the percussion element is very prominent within this track.  Vocals increasingly insistent and creepy.  Some very fitting screams, which could have come straight out of a horror film.  A rather nice guitar riff in there somewhere.  A strong sound, for definite.  Capturing the pathos of the moment, towards the end, in the melody.  It has a very consistent theme and feel, with exceedingly dark lyrics.  A nice smooth guitar outro.

Outro – Ah, this begins with rain effects, which is always a bonus for me.  Some very lovely, if haunting, guitar riffs here, which blend in well with the rain.  Rare for a song to continue the rain effects throughout, but in this case, it works well.  I like that plucky string guitar effect here.  This is a case in which considered monotone works well.  Fading out to silence.

To think people used to be scared of early Sabbath!  The devil’s tri-tone’s got nothing on this band!  Overall, very unique and probably carving out a whole new genre of metal for themselves along the lines of dark, Gothic, haunting metal.  An inspired EP and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

Difficult to figure out a star rating for this one, as it’s so unique and unusual, but I’ll give it a 7/8 out of 10, for originality if nothing else! *******/******** Check them out on facebook.



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