Sertraline ‘Bury the Ghosts’ EP

Dead Set – Great opening bass line!  Great work and an unusual and memorable track opening.  Lizzie’s fresh and alive vocals bring an exacting and inspired sound to the song.  Liking the melody and Tom’s well placed, seasoned drum rolls just make the track, building the electrically metal vibe within it.

Not Enough – Ace drum beat intro!  Hard-hitting and laying down the heavy feel right at the start. Some fab guitar work in here and Lizzie’s vocals hold a metallic edge, growing better and better throughout.  A very vibrant feel to this!

Mean to Me – Nice high-pitched guitar tones introing this track.  The whole song and particularly the vocals carry a sound that’ll take them far.  It holds such an accomplished yet still fresh sound that belongs on a Classic Rock/Metal Hammer album.  Lizzie is a natural, as are the rest of the band and their combined sound and feel should spell definite success.

Colours – Beginning with a really nice grungy instrumental and beautiful vocal accompaniment, this demonstrates the versatile ability of Sertraline to move fluidly, from hard and heavy to gentle and touching.  Pure and equal passion in both vocals and instrumentals just shines through.  This song probably highlights Lizzie’s unique and naturally skilful vocals the most, but also the way her and the whole band blend together, harmonically.  Love it.

Set the World Alight – Back to unquestionable heaviness).  Rolls really well and should do well and prove very memorable indeed.  The music fits the title perfectly.  The sharpness within it creates a visual image befitting the title.  Good confident and un-hesitant ending.  Never losing its power for one second, this, for me, is the strongest track on the EP.

All Choked Up – Brilliant melody opening this one.  I actually got so into it, I had to re-focus my attentions on reviewing it).  Some growly male vocals accompany Lizzie’s highly tuneful ones and are joined by some fabulous riffs and almost tribal drum beats.  Very catchy, very fun song and all of it pitch perfect.

Overall, a really impressive sound and production quality, filled with great melodies and immense vocals born of extraordinary talent.  An EP with the power to draw you in and haunt you, even.  You won’t forget this in a hurry.  For anyone looking for a new and original sound, with emphatically powerful female vocals, this is it.  Cohesive, strong and captivating.  Bringing to life the wealth of skill behind the band, it’s a fabulous start for Sertraline and speaks volumes for where they’re headed.  Ones to watch for 2015. Check them out on facebook.  EP released 9th February 2015.  10 stars **********



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