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Cursed Sun, ‘The Fall And Rise’ EP review   6 comments

Seven – A very growly track, with some quite macabre instrumentals.  Liking the tone of the riffs in the mid-section and the lyrics fit well with the dark accompaniments. Whilst ‘growly’ lyrics aren’t usually my scene, these particular ones are actually very accomplished and just flow effortlessly and admirably.

Psychopath – Some more melodic backing vocals in this track.  This song’s got a good rhythm to it, rolling along nicely.  Got to say the softer backing vocals blend well with the aggressive front line ones.  Oh and I’m liking those faster, slightly more upbeat riffs.  Nice mellow closing guitar tone.

The Last Rites – Really powerful drum and vocal intro, seamlessly done.  Impressive and rare ability to just segue right into the song.  Again, some great melodies and you can feel the band cohesion, which is what really stands out on this track.  Certainly no shortage of passion).

Ascension – Oh, lovely guitar intro here!  Speeding up and seguing into some more angry vocals.  This track does contain some sporadic vocal harmonies, between the main ones, which works well.  Some mellower riffs towards the end.

Overall, an explosive, expressive collection of passionate aggression, effortlessly and professionally delivered.  7 out of 10. *******.

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Sinocence ‘No Gods, No Masters’ volume 2 EP   3 comments

Ascension Code – Straight in there with Sinocence’s characteristic heavy intro sound, this first track is a promising start.  It loses nothing of the steel sound of previous releases.  The vocals meshing well with the instrumentals, it holds some good melodies, which are easy on the ear.  Gaining stronger momentum throughout, it carries echoes of ‘Scar Obscura’, particularly the good strong style of the ending. 

In Kymatica – Even heavier and stronger, the sheer volume and power of this track hits hard and bodes well for the rest of the EP.  The vocals are especially powerful on this one.  Carrying a more upbeat tone in the opening track, but retaining the heavy feel, very prominent within the drums, it’s another successful creation.

Slavery by Consent – Another sledgehammer opening, this track definitely means business and I’m liking the vocal harmonies in this one, which add that something special, which just makes the track.  You really feel the lyrics and the riffs in this. Its passion speaks volumes.  Liking the way the ending fades out on that final riff!

Valorous – A much slower and gentler track, with a more melancholy tone, displaying the band’s versatility. The passion remains in a different mood.  Some string instruments are employed in this track, providing a great aural musical backdrop to the feel and imagery of the song.  A new direction and no less enjoyable for that.

Covert Messiah – Reverting back to the previous heaviness, this is a well-placed closer. Faster pace, with a steady rhythm, a slightly slower midsection and some nice melodic guitar riffs, I must admit, I’ve almost wrecked another pen, drumming along to it. Oh!  Where did it go?  The sudden ending comes as a bit of shock, but overall, an intricate, well-developed track.

As a whole, it’s an obviously metallic EP with a seamless, consistent, heavy sound to it and some intriguing song titles. 8 out of 10. ********.


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