Dendera ‘Pillars of Creation’

Claim our Throne – Steady intro, eventually seguing into the melody, with a classic power/speed metal feel and sound.  Combining upbeat and sombre tones, with some nice harmonies.  It works well as an opener.

Bloodlust – A heavier essence, befitting its title.  Sung with obvious feeling, a well driven and competent performance with a catchy aspect.  A good standard metal track.

In High Tide – Pretty average filler, but likeable all the same, containing some good hooks and very easy on the ear.  Nice melody.  Liking the riffage and the vocals do grow in effort, tone and delivery towards the end, where a slightly encouraging Maidenesque quality can be heard.  More of this would enhance the track.

Disillusioned – Missing that X factor, but still has some great, enjoyable riffs.  For me, this is a bit of a mediocre track, creating an impression that there was more to give, somehow, but given the title, perhaps it was meant to reflect that in its essence.

The Daylight Ending – A well-placed background track, which would go down well in any metal haunt.  Definite jukebox potential.  To give it credit, the vocal style and lyrics do reflect the title well.

The Chosen One – A higher vibe in some respects, with a slight variation in the midsection, tonally and stylistically, alternating in pace, which serves the song well.  In this sense, ‘The Chosen One’ utilises the opportunity for experimentation and variety well.

Unholy – Ah, now I’m liking this one more!  A far more exciting, faster and harder intro, maintaining its momentum and showing the bands’ potential for greater creativity.  This has got to be the standout track in terms of creative output.  The drum rolls also stand out more on this track.  Encouraging.

Edge of Tomorrow – A well placed closer, which continues to reflect the potential for increasing the heaviness factor.  Definite efforts to bring a slightly harder edge to the album.  In fact, this harder emphasis actually brings out the skill and beauty within the gentle come down following it and I’d go as far as to say it’s this section that really shows the true flavour and sweetness of the bands essence; a clever, highly marketable and well-placed strategy, right at the end of the closing track.  This is where the focus would do well to stay.

Generally, slightly underwhelming in places, with a decidedly average feel to it.  However, definitely growing in stature, quality and mystique, as the album progresses.  The standout point here is what most of the album lacks in originality, it makes up for in spontaneity towards the end.  This band have more to give and their potential is evident.  Given time and a big dose of individuality, they could be so much more.  Encouraging potential for future endeavours.




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