I.C.O.N. ‘The Blacklist’

A Room in Hell – A very sinister, dark opening, positively oozing atmosphere, with some great heavy drum rolls, providing a perfect backdrop to the album, befitting especially its lyrical and thematic focus of negative social and political forces.

Feeding the Negative – Coming straight in with some fast-paced riffs and purposeful vocals, gradually warming up into the characteristic I.C.O.N.esque sound familiar to fans of ‘New Born Lie’.  Already, though, ‘Feeding the Negative’ demonstrates a progressively heavier element, within ‘The Blacklist’, audible even to less finely metallically tuned ears.  Assertive, heavy, drum filled ending.

Grindin’ Wheel – Short, with a little less substance, but good filler.  It has to be said that for me, this track picks up more towards the middle, which is when it makes its impact and then it’s over, but still, it holds a heavy flavour.

I’m the Venom – Upping the heaviness factor again, gritty and passionate, yet effortlessly delivered, it rolls along well, with great contributions throughout, holding that steel feel nicely and building in heaviness, right to the end.

Welcome to my War – A more laid-back, catchy melody to this one, with some simpler compositions and more memorable riffs.  Liking the drum rolls here.  Stands out as a simple yet effective track.

Speak to your God – Picking up the pace with a faster rhythm, well suited to the vocals, this one’s got some great melodies and riffs and definitely sounds like fun was had producing it.  Nice solid, well paced ending.  Works well.

Devil’s Blacklist – More instrumental emphasis on here.  Another one appearing to carry a simple message, effectively and cleanly delivered.  Sharp, hard-hitting, to the point! Good job.

Wrong Way Back – Some very nice riffs and melodies in here and a lot of great hooks.  Incredibly catchy and memorable for its fabulous riffs, of which there are plenty for we riffage fans.  In fact, it’s so riff filled that I’m just going to call it ‘the riffmeister’, because I can’t focus on anything but the fabulous riffs.  Smooth, confident ending.  Bang!

Man of the North – Instrumental opening with a resonant Dioesque wind effect, followed by lots more melodic riffage, incorporating a greater variety of styles and techniques.  Some very nice percussion elements, which particularly add to the experimental effect with styles and sounds.  Enjoyable and diverse song.  Versatility card played well.

Deconverted – Very reminiscent of the ‘New Born Lie’ album, in its sound, ‘Deconverted’ does, however, carry different themes and offer some new and faster riffs, with slightly more cymbal affects at the end.

Drowning in their Screams – Interesting title.  Liking the chorus.  Stronger lyrical emphasis, apparently themed around the corruption in and of society, via political means.  Very passionately conveyed.  A point well made.

Again, some of the lyrics briefly return to the focus/emphasis of ‘New Born Lie’, but it’s clear that ‘The Blacklist’ builds on and moves forward from that point, with more complex ideas, lyrics and general inspirations, reflected in each of the new songs.

A fresh, heavier, more polished and accomplished and well produced piece of work, worth waiting for.






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