COMANIAC ‘Return to the Wasteland’

Rage 1, 2 – Punchy, raw, aggressive intro.  Plenty of expertly delivered fast riffs and hard-hitting drum beats, well suited to the song’s lyrical contents.  Very direct, intense vocals, perfectly embodying the title.  Nice powerful scream at the end.  Well delivered outro.  Faultless.  A great start to the album.

Secret Seed – Another no holds barred intro, maintaining the momentum of angry, sheer electric performance.  Engaging, leaves no room for doubt.  Some ace guitar melodies in the mid-section.  High-level, power filled, energetic, almost crazed delivery.  Confident, assured, full frontal assault.  Would go down well on a battlefield!

Cut Throat – Ah, … here comes a nice, soothing acoustic opening, with a gradual heavy sound emerging.  Good variation.  More melodic vocals, yet still retaining that hard edge.  Liking those melodious riffs there and those power driven drum rolls raining down pure metal energy.  They’ve nailed that hard won skill of equally combining and conveying professionalism with enjoyment.  Like a barrage of machine-gun fire!

Fist of Friends – No hesitation.  Yet another powerful welcome assault on the senses.  I think we’ve got the idea by now that these guys don’t hold back and know how to pack the punches.  Just a brilliant performance from start to finish.  Vocally, instrumentally, atmospherically and aurally gold standard.

Killing Tendency – Oh yes!  Liking the guitar intro here!  Even heard a Slayeresque riff in there too!  Full throttle riffage of the highest order.  I’m actually visualising a ritual sacrifice taking place.  Proof positive that this track works.  Recommended for that kind of anger for which only angry loud metal will suffice.

And There Is No Job – Ooh a more sombre down tuned bass lick opening, rapidly followed by a volley of fast-moving purposeful riffs.  Catchy and smooth.  Slight variation in the vocal styles in places.  Never letting up on the furious passion and aggression for one minute.  Pounding, grinding, hardcore metal all the way.  Relentless metallic joy.  Ending on a final volley of drum beats to end it all.

Solitude – Great energised opening riffs!  If it’s even possible, the vocals actually grow in volume and energy.  All the winning tricks of the trade can be found here.  Every opportunity for using killer metallic strategies has been well employed.  If ever there was a blueprint for successful metal ventures, it’s this album.  The best and most catchy riffs are all here in this track.  Attention grabbing and it’s certain never to waver.  Brutal, dangerous, murderous metal at its best.  Very fine fade out edgy riffs.

The Rake – A new direction in the lone acoustic opening, with background sound of somewhere evoking imagery of a mysterious location.  Straight in there again with the furious drum rolls, riffage and vocals, continuing in that vein for the rest of the song.  Growing increasingly hard, fast and pressured till the end.

Monster’s Final Creation – Taking a different turn, opening with a natural sound effect and following it with a siren like quality in the ensuing instrumentals.  Really going for it on the vocals, for all it’s worth.  Like being verbally terrorised in the most intriguing and compelling way!  Fabulous harmonies.  Ending with a sound reminiscent of subtle artillery, it definitely wins in the visual imagery stakes.

Flakhead – A pure no-nonsense fiery start!  Just filled with awesome powered riffs, drums and vocals to end all metal.  Beating and pulsating with life force, determined speed and impatient, demanding riffs that scream for attention.  Has to be heard and won’t be forgotten.

Overall, well… I think it’s all been said.  A full on ferocious blast of balls to the wall metal attack.  If ever an album deserved a star rating of 11 or above, this is it.  I may invent a new starring system to accommodate it, but otherwise it gets a 10 out of 10.  I challenge any full-blooded metalhead to disagree.  As unforgettable heavy-metal goes, this is up there at the top.  One of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to review.

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