Mortal Strike ‘For the Loud and the Aggressive’

For the Loud and the Aggressive – Bloody hell, this says it all, right from the outset.  Definitely more of a spoken track than a sung one, but very powerful, in its own way, all the same.  Gets its message across well, with a combo of edgy speed guitar riffs, hard and direct drum rolls and well, not to put too fine a point on it, loud and aggressive vocals).  Short, meaningful, to the point.

Here Comes the Tank – Can’t argue with that intro.  Very visual in its’ style.  Well honed instrumentals, confidently delivered, combined with equally competent and sharp vocals.  Nice gritty finale.  Job done.

Outburst of Fury – Opening with the track title itself, they couldn’t have put it better.  Hard driven, remorseless, determined flow of riffs and rolls, getting better all the time.  Oh and even a nice well placed scream in there.  This just rattles along with metal fury, right to the end.  Liking it lots.

Against the Wall – An opening barrage of rocket fuelled drum rolls, closely chased by some war tinged angry lyrics.  Good portions of very appropriately placed backing vocals.  Liking those melodies.  Great battle shouts at the end, proclaiming war, to the death.

Smash the Tyrants – Storm the Gates – A gradual intro, flowing into some deliberate, chugging guitar riffs and  steady, unhesitant drum rolls, blending perfectly with the riffs and raw, slightly growly vocals.  Some nicely placed sinister guitar effects, with a very sexy Slayeresque riff or two.  Fabulous vocal delivery, brilliantly befitting the title and again, the song heats up as it progresses.  Getting heavier and heavier, in tone, volume and sheer velocity, it doesn’t hold back at all.  A well executed track.

Strike – Bang!  This one opens with a very Slayeresque style, incorporating the screams, riffs and drum beats with perfect cohesion.  Aggressive, energetic, clean, expert delivery.  This band knows how to excite and utilise the right technical strategies and skills to hold attention and memory.  Has a great beat to it.  Affecting and intense, it holds you in the palm of it’s hand.

One Against All – A slightly gentler intro, gradually barrelling along into its groove. Aha! Some very definite Rammsteinesque vocal qualities there!  Like that!  Ratcheting up the aggression, this one simply burns with confrontational energy, all the way through, displaying parallel aggro, instrumentally and vocally.  An unarguably strong performance.

The Tides of War Arise – 1 – Oh yes, some very catchy opening riffs there!  Unmistakable sexy riffage, shortly joined by some fabulous drum action, well worthy of air drumming dreams.  Slightly greater instrumental emphasis, including some more Rammstein like vocals.  Crazy pace towards the end.  Holds its own very well indeed.  An almost pointedly sharp outro.

Unleash the Hounds of War – 2 – This track puts me in mind of a full-scale mortar attack.  When you hear the lyrics, you may get some idea of why, but as you’ll also hear, as with other tracks, the sheer violent and menacing intent is well matched by both vocals and accompaniments.  Pulsating with killing rhythm, it hits you full force.  Hiding some awesome guitar harmonies in there, it’s used the opportunities for musical diversity really well.  Unyielding in its murderous message, you can’t fail to grasp its meaning.

Zombie Attack (Tankard Cover) – Forceful riffs, furious tone and pace, aptly repetitive and descriptive in its vocal message, it’s a good closer.  Short, succinct, to the point.  Says all it needs to, in a short timeframe.  No more was necessary, really.  Would make a fun Halloween theme.

Overall, has it all.  Professional delivery, encased in a very fun and thrill filled, intense ride of metal pleasure.  Absorbing, sexy and powerful.  Enough said.  10 out of 10.




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