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Never Enough – Definitely moving up a gear from ‘Open Your Mind’, with a promisingly heavier intro, the vocals are grittier and crunchier.  Liking some of those breakdowns and drum rolls.  A good cohesive sound, with a more effortless feel to it.  Nice opening.

Daylight Breaks – Returning to slight echoes of ‘Open Your Mind’, before flowing into a slightly heavier sound again.  Chris’s vocals have now entered the arena of recognisability.  Always a good sign.  Catchy, with a nice smooth fade out.

Save It For Me – Very listenable.  Quite a memorable melody.  Some good edgy riffage there.  Enjoying the brief acoustic section and the ensuing return to heaviness.  Closing well, with a very defined end.

Barely Breathe – Lots of use of melodic riffage here.  Holding those vocal notes well.  Some decent hooks and just as I’m getting into it, it’s over!

Afterlife – Intriguing title.  A fresh sound to it.  Uplifting in places.  Doesn’t hold my attention as well as other tracks, though.  An okay backing track.

Cease Fire – A stronger opening.  It does sound more vibrant in places than the previous track, with some well utilised riffs and stronger drum rolls, but somehow, lacks impact, generally and its strongest section, to my ears, is actually the brief acoustic section in which the vocals are enhanced and show their full power.

Out Of My Life – The drum sections are good in here and they’re the standout element in this track.  It’s a mellow track, reflected in the vocals and guitar tones.  A well emphasised title in its overall feel.

Little Indiscretions – Definitely a harder, edgier intro, with some nice use of heavier drum hits and sharper, more pointed vocals.  Fun chorus.  Catchy edge.  Liking the rolling emphasis, interspersed with some great melodic harmonies.  Some very nice guitar licks in here, increasing in intensity and building in tempo and pace.  Another very definite end.

You Sold Me Lies – Liking the beat of this!  Gradually heightening the heavy factor and emphasising the vocals very plausibly.  Over too quickly!

Song For Mozaz – Oh dear! A ballad, which although never my scene, does reflect versatility and holds a lot of feeling.  The plausibility vocal factor is definitely well reflected here.  Some lovely piano segments and the vocals grow stronger throughout.  Perhaps a nice touch, as a closing track, regardless.  Good sound quality and very vocally powerful.

Overall, a very listenable album, with a very definite change of direction since ‘Open Your Mind’, even if it does seem to lose its way in places and leave you wondering just what direction the band are trying to follow with this new material.  However, it’s well produced, with some very nice catchy hooks and definitely emphasises a different atmospheric quality, especially reflected in Chris’s vocals and as a whole, it does show growth and promise.

Out on Holier Than Thou Records.

7 out of 10 *******

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