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Thrash and Burn – Great solid heavy intro.  Immediately embodying the title well, with lots of very thrashy riffs and suitably powerful drum hits.  Very growly lyrics.  Volcanic in nature, this song certainly does as the title says!  Fast-paced and ending on the lyrics, ‘thrash and burn’, with a well-placed fade-out riff, it’s got a lot going for it and they couldn’t have chosen a better opener.

Thrash and Burn 2 – Starting with a more sombre, mellow, stonerish riff, Thrash and Burn 2’s almost a volcanic after effect… until the screamo lyrics return with a vengeance.  ‘There’s no escape’ is describing the song exactly as it is.  This track holds a very definite exciting feel to it, making you wonder just where the instrumentals are going to go next.  Unleashing a variety of stormy riffs and thunderous drum beats, it does its job well.

Incineration – Straight in with a succession of energy fuelled riffs, there’s no doubt as to where the emphasis of this track lies.  Always good to have an instrumental track on an album – especially with guitar wizardry of this calibre.  I like the sound of this a lot and could listen to it on endless repeat.  For when you’re in need of pure, unadulterated, sexy riffage.

Direwolf – A slower start, with a different vocal take, initially.  Somewhat harmonised, deep, distorted vocals, interspersed with more screamo style.  Explosive riffs throughout.  A definite uplifting feel, emphasised all the more by the vibrant guitar tones.  Some incredibly skilled guitar work here – aligned with the aces of rock/metal history. A Hendrix for the modern age.

Thrashcan – Bloody hell, that intro nearly scared me lol! Such is the power of Thrashcan.  Energy driven screams and growls, to challenge the rise of the creature from the Black Lagoon.  Loving that gorgeous riff in the midsection.  Driving on, with menacing intent, this one definitely says what it means.  Maintaining the frenetic momentum, relentlessly, to the end.  It speaks volumes.

Axewound – Supercharged riffs, torrential drum beats, deep throated growls and shouts to conquer Satan himself, this one screams its message from start to finish.  A battle hardened piece of war, fading out on a fabulous aggressive drum roll and a final roar, it never lets up on its dark assault.

The Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death – Fabulous title!  An almost electrifying guitar intro!  Closely followed by more of the by now familiar hard-hitting drums and crazed growls and screams, dredged from the very depths of life itself.  Fast, furious, trawling every last ounce of energy and throwing it in for all it’s worth, a metallic battering of drums, briefly interspersed with a storytelling vocal quality and rapidly closed with a final ramming of drums, vicious riffs and one last defiant scream.

Overall, a thrasher’s paradise.  Epic musical quality, with an absolute intent.  Confident, energetic delivery, evoking imagery of a monster emerging from a swamp, with the express intention of exterminating the entire human race.  Powerful’s too small a word.

9 out of 10 *********

For fans of Skreamer

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