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Army of the Dead – Oh, radio broadcast intro regarding flesh eating cannibals – a definite change from your usual intro – happily, it’s rapidly followed by some brilliantly thrashtastic guitar riffs, accompanied by some truly maniacal sounding vocals.  Has he swallowed a helium balloon, I wonder?  It’s a nice touch, though – that psychopathically exilerant sound.  I’m pleased to say those rifftastic breakdowns continue, while the weird, but catchy vocals get more intense, throughout.  A novel ending, consisting of ghoulish noises and a nice melodic fade out riff.

The Cursed Land – Opening with a siren like riff and some crashing drum beats, this one almost creates an impression of powered riffs chasing each other up and down fretboards.  More nihilistic vocals in here, which you wouldn’t want to hear down a dark alley at night.  In fact, the whole track holds a distinctive sense of being chased by a crazed stalker.  Oh, there it is, that very definite compulsion to drum along with it.  Closing with an evil laugh, which actually differs from the usual ‘evil laughs’ ending metal tracks, in its comedic slant and sheer exuberance.  Not a track to forget in a hurry.

Thrashmageddon – Brilliant confident opening.  No holding back.  Just what I’d expect from a track entitled ‘thrashmageddon’.  This one, though, adds something extra with those evil vocals and some well-placed harmonies.  The volley of riffs and thunderous drums definitely live up to standard and more.  Everything about it just screams ‘thrash’.  Some truly orgasmic bits in there.  This is thrash, with a twist.  The scary vocals just add that something and it closes with a final unhesitant riff.  If you want thrash, this is where its at.

Bless My Gun – Bang!  Crashing intro, brooking no argument.  Harmonising well, plenty of decent melodies here.  Some Metallicaesque stop, start stuff in there, followed by some screaming vocals, without being screamo.  There is much range and versatility in these vocals and I’m really liking those riffs and the sheer adrenaline fuelled intensity.  Sexy, exhilarating and fun.  Hammering the drums with metallic force, working those frets to the edge and vocally challenging the possibilities, till all boundaries are broken, fading out on a very nicely played Tallicaesque riff, this track nails it.

Lord of Fire – Getting faster and more intense, this track just storms right in there, with powerful intent.  Continuing with the ferocity and aggression factor, it’s aptly titled.  Holding clear echoes of classic metal Titans, in style and sound, it’s a very classy track.  Testament fans, behold the new Testament!  One of those whose riffs have you singing them!  No!  Why is it over?!  Again!

2000 Years in Lies – Some great drum hits open this one, just rattling along with the accompanying riffs.  These instrumentals were born to go together.  The vocals melt into the song so naturally.  You can’t help but think these guys were forming a band in a shared womb.  Gathering momentum, with ferocious speed and drive, these are riffs to die for.  I’m going to hurt my throat screaming along to these lyrics.  Catchy isn’t even in it.  It goes way beyond that. Just heaven!

Horrorhouse – Ooh, very scary intro here, with creepy sound effects from a horror movie. I can actually see the trap door opening…. very well composed riffs for this section.  The whole sound is just taken up a notch or two, collectively, for this track, which works well.  Imagery spot on.  A very strong song.  Toning things down in the midsection, with a gentler, but incredibly sexy sound.  Hotting things back up again, the frenetic riffs return, along with the hard and heavy drum rolls, crashing through the crash barriers with a legendary force.  It just battles on till the end, with a fucking perfect scream.  The stuff of legend.

I saw… – More delightful opening riffs and those drums are battered with a vengeance.  Yet again, the vocals prove their sheer dexterity, range and repertoire and if nothing else, their impressive stamina.  The riffs get faster and racier in parts, expertly moving between different paces, styles, tones and general technical skill.  Like a metal battering ram, it hits you full in the face.

The Stone Face – Again, opening with some chocolatey riffs, just melting into your heart and veins and refusing to let you go.  The vocal quality and tone seems to have taken on the alienesque helium swallowing sound again, but for this band, it just kind of works).  It’s certainly memorable.  Very catchy chorus!  Something for everyone and not to be missed.  A metal extravaganza.  Just the most fabulous fun filled scream at the end, almost like a fox and a dog mating at full moon).

One Day in the Front – Er okay…. a trumpet intro!  Different, at least, but doesn’t last long, before seguing into the comfortingly familiar mega riffs, drum rolls and weird, but fun otherworldly vocals.  The only criticism I’d have is that the unusual vocal sound makes it harder to focus on the lyrics, but nevertheless, they’re still clear and it’s such a unique sound that you just can’t forget it.  Oh those amazing riffs just get better and better and better!  Hooks aplenty.  That singer is just freaking out big time and it’s ace.  Crash bang ending.  Done.

Pure Fucking Evil – Dunno what’s with the can opening intro, but WTH?  Does it matter?  I think not.  Quickly followed by the purest of metallic riffs, drum hits and vocals to shock, confuse and delight.  The sheer energy being thrown into this is phenomenal.  Got to love it.  Passion, excitement, verve and er, oh, a rather vile burp at the end, but never mind.

A metaltastic journey into the bowels of hell.  It’s got it all.  If there’s one album every metalhead should possess in their collection, it’s this one.  To quote Classic Rock/Metal Hammer Mags, “someone asks you what heavy metal is.  You hand them a copy of…… ‘Thrashmageddon’, by Soul Collector”.  Stand back, all false gods of metal, as this is The Holy Grail.

10/10 **********

For fans of Testament, Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica. 

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