Mentally Defiled ‘Aptitude for Elimination’

Reanimated to mosh (Intro) – Very fitting horroresquestyle intro, with plenty of nice heavy creepy riffs and drum rolls, which seem to say ‘we’re coming to get you’….

Aptitude for Elimination – Great lively opening.  Some very fiery instrumentals, but the volume of the deathy vocals could just do with being brought up a couple of notches, to improve audability.  Definitely more of a deathy feel to this band.

Fashion Victim – Nice vibrant riffs, which stand out most on this track.  The vocals are slightly more audible here, but the drums could do with more power and volume this time.  Quite liking some of the guitar scales used on here.  A bit darker than the average band.

Forced to Obey – A good crashing, cohesive intro.  The collective volume improves on this track, but it’s overall sound is much the same as the previous track.  There’s some experimentation with the guitar work from the midsection on and some decent backing vocals towards the end, but generally, this track didn’t leave much of an impression.

Thrash ’til Afterlife – Ah now this is where it gets better!  Fabulous opening riffs, breathing life into it and audibly more passion within the vocals, adding slightly more melody.  Faster pace and beat, with a more enjoyable rhythm.  Consistently strong throughout.  Heavier, yet lighter, at the same time.  Good closing vocal echo technique.  Adds variety.

Retro Nerd – Now I’m enjoying the life enhancing flavour to these riffs.  A nice tasty bit of diversifying on the guitars after the midsection and the vocals here hold a monster type quality, which for this deathy style, is a good thing.

The Family – Another barrage of opening riffs and here, the drums are emphasised.  An apt emphasis for this track.  Various vocal styles are employed later on and I’m feeling the combo of stronger drum work, vocals and accompanying power riffs.

Beyond Redemption – It gets even stronger and louder.  Enjoying the sense of passion being thrown into this, even if I would like more melody.  Whilst ‘shouty’ vocals may not be quite my scene, they do their job well here and there’s a feel of the album becoming progressively heavier, with each track.  There’s certainly a lot of skill here.  Nice closing shout.

Merchants of Hope – Ah, a very nice and different touch, using a spoken film line as the intro.  That followed by a volley of speed riffs, solid drum fills and rhythmic lyrics works well.  There’s good consistency and cohesion in this song.  Ooh and a very well placed film line closing the track.  It’s a good story (line) based contribution.

Soldier of the Underground – Even greater faster, heavier riffs and drum rolls, accompanied by even heavier vocals this time, going to ever greater lengths to give it their all.  It’s definitely a well chosen closing track.  The vocals are going from ‘deathy’/’growly’ to ‘screamo’ in one swift move.  Brilliantly held ending note.  Open to all sorts of visual interpretations.

Overall, a promising album, with an increasingly fresh and alive feel to it, the further in you get.  Has a depth within it which is sometimes difficult to achieve.  Standout track – Thrash ’til Afterlife. For those whose tastes enter the ‘death’/’black’/’screamo’ arena.

7/10…… although the closing track may just push it up to 8/10.



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