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Welcome to current offering Dreamstealer, from classic heavy-metal act Roadhog, from Poland, formed in 2012.

Liar – Oh yes, now this is how to start a metal album!  Immediate, forceful and fiery, it’s instrumentally and lyrically all you could want from a classic metal album opener.  Providing a taste of their trademark style, with well honed power riffs, a classic metal drum sound and exuberant vocals, it’s simply a perfect intro.

On the Witches Path – Ooh, liking the title and its intriguing connotations.  Nice smooth intro, with a lovely pure metal vibe.  A well chosen follow-up track, it differs in pace and tone, offering new and exciting melodies and certainly wouldn’t be out of place on a Classic Rock/Metal Hammer magazine album.  A clear direction and identity, with a true metallic sound, it’s definitely one for the metal purists, like myself.

Dreamstealer – Yes, loving that drum opening!  Roadhog definitely have a talent for versatility.  Carrying a fabulously upbeat feel and tone, this would go down well in the collection of any hardline fan of 70s/80s metal.  Just loving the way they carry a song.  The whole vibe simply rocks.  A modern-day class act.  Retaining the uplifting melody and generally sexy atmosphere throughout, it wins every time.

Chasing the Storm – Getting straight in there, with an unshakable passion, this track delivers unhesitantly, with no compromise.  Confident, with good reason, it sends its message clearly and directly.  Another hit.

Poison Man – Loud, heavy, hard and melodic, this is a track that speaks directly to the spirits of true followers of the faith.  It’s got it all.  A rare example of a truly sincere desire to resurrect everything that was good about classic old school metal.  It succeeds.  Collectible and quite simply, divine.

Taste your Sin – More fiery riffs and rocky drumbeats raining down metal heaven, combined with equally born to sing metal vocals.  Effortless, faultless and ah, … even a  very Zeppelinesque riff or two in there!  No easy task and yet, they’ve nailed it.  Leaves you hungry for more.  Speeds along, in perfect flow, to the end.  Really hammering down that final closing drumbeat and riff, it works.

Roadhog – Vibrant, bringing the song to life with an unyielding commitment, the title track is a rare gem.  Rolling along with metallic zeal, they really have packed it all into this song.  It’s got melody, it’s got delicious riffs and vocals, it’s got sexily powerful drum rolls, basically, it’s got it all.  In fact, the album title’s so well chosen, I nearly said ‘dream’ rolls instead of drum rolls, because it’s the truth.

Run From the Devil – Yes, even more defiantly determined drum rolls, sexy melodies and riffs. I’m now singing along…. any frequent reader of my reviews knows what this means.  It means it’s done its job and reeled me in like a fish on a hook.  Exciting, life affirming, catchy, just pure heaven.

Dead of the Night – Again, straight in there with typically metallic zeal, it embodies the spirit of all metal greats.  It doesn’t need to do anything else, except provide more, because these guys have already more than proved themselves.  Loads of energised tuneage, with an unquenchable passion.  And it’s over……, but it’s done its job!

Overall, it’s already been said.  An extremely rare and precious exhibit of pure, unadulterated new wave of old school metal.  What’s not to love?  Oodles of spirit, enthusiasm and energy, all wrapped up in a highly professional and competent sound.  Flawless delivery and unwavering power.  Like being slammed into a wall of metal at top speed!  This is what you call high impact, high-velocity metal.

For all metal purists.  A must have. Out now on Stormspell Records.

10/10 **********

Produced in Sweden, by Olaf Wickstrand, from Enforcer.


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