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Be Ready – Heavy, hard and filled with steel intent, it’s a great intro.  An accomplished, meaningful sound, well above the average punk band.  There’s a gritty determination to the lyrics, a strong thrumming basis to the guitars and a distinctly heavier than heavy edge to the drums.  Says it all.  Brilliant opening track title aswell.

Out of Control – This holds a decent direction and good solid melody, some beautifully sexy riffs and a generally cohesive sound, indicative of a band who’ve well and truly got their shit together.  Another ace.

Ride the Storm – Increasing the pace, with a catchy chorus and more tasty riffs, you can’t help but get into it.  Exciting, riff filled and passion fuelled, with a noticeably aggressive drum section, which stands out well, it rocks hard.

No Place to Go – A memorable feel, filled with anger and gravelly masculinity, there’s a stark realness to this entire EP.  Never losing its edge for a second, these guys clearly know what ‘metal’ means.

Sexsomnia – Now this track has a sense of having been dredged up from the very underbelly of metal.  An intriguing essence to it, it’s very lyrically powerful and moves to a whole new place, providing that much sought after, but hard to nail versatility that makes an EP/album.  Raging on till the end, fuelled by its own driving passion, it needs nothing more.

Game Over – Great title for a closing track and if you thought the penultimate track was lyrically powerful, this is even more so!  Just what you’d want/expect from a closing track on a  punk metal EP and more, it just screams war.  Some truly brilliantly forceful drum rolls on here, you can sense that every ounce of energy’s being thrown into this track.  A classic fadeout ending.  Fantastic job, all round.

A true masterpiece of epic proportions.  I could go on forever, but I think that sentence says it all.

10/10 **********






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