DeathinitioN ‘Art of Manipulation’   2 comments

My Personal Maniac Fear – Great rhythm, melody and nice gritty vocals, not unlike David Draiman’s.  This has a combination genre flavour to it.  Melodic, thrashy stuff, coupled with speed/power based metal, along with a tiny hint of death/melodeath.  It’s a successful sound with a good solid bass line.  An inviting intro.

Art of Misunderstanding – Fabulous opening blast, creating an appealing intro.  Bringing to the fore an intriguing variety of techniques and sounds, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air.  Liking some of the guitar work and the unique style and freshness of the vocals.  Ending on a sinister sounding riff, it certainly moves in a different direction to most metal songs; possessing an almost ethereal quality.

Priest – Starting with another propulsive blast, this track has more of a gothic feel to it.  Offering the usual enjoyable dark melodies, adding equally funereal lyrics, with a few well-placed screams, it steams along in its own wake.  It certainly holds an aura of mystery.

Klamstwa Dlamas – A nice touch on the cymbals, opening this one.  Lots of nice frenzied riffs following closely on its heels.  Particularly impassioned vocals, with a nice guttural emphasis here and there.  Heightening the pace and tone and chasing them up with a well timed and very emphatic drum hit, at the end, with more cleverly selected riffs, it’s an interesting song, filled with individual touches.

Generally, a great and varied short but sweet EP.  Definitely not afraid to experiment, DeathinitioN are a force to be reckoned with, honing and bringing to light a new and complex, energetic sound, combining various strands of metal.  ‘The Art of Manipulation’ stands as a prime example of the new vision that can be created by the right combination of enthusiasm, willingness to broaden your horizons and passion for the music you make.

For fans of gothic, horror, fantasy metal, death, melodeath, speed, power, thrash and all crossover forms of metal genres.

8/10 ********


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2 responses to “DeathinitioN ‘Art of Manipulation’

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  1. Ah I love this band now, thanks for the review 😀

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