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Introducing ‘Horns Up’, new album from Reanimator. Formed in 2005 in Québec. Thrash metal, with old and new school elements.

Electric Circle Pit – Coming in gradually, with an exhilarating squeal of guitars and drum roll akin to an actual drum march, followed by a blistering thrashy guitar section and some lovely thrashy vocals, everything about the performance fits with the title perfectly.  Very resonant and echoing strains of Testament and Exodus, with a new spin.  Classic intro title.

Rush for the Mosh – Bang, straight in there with no hesitation whatsoever.  Lyrically, meshing exactly with the instrumentals.  A great moshers song.  ‘Into the Pit”s got nothing on this!  A fabulously raucous slice of moshing paradise).

Tempted by Deviance – Oh, just got to love those opening riffs!  That’s just taken me to heaven!  A truly orgasmic track of seismic scale.  Holding melody, thrash, growl and rock in the palm of it’s hand, this is not to be missed.  Fun, catchy and just thoroughly metal, those riff scales are to die for.  Anyone who fails to get into this is dead from the head down.  Delivers with aplomb, upping the pace at the end, to a final metallic crescendo.  It screams metal!

Thieves of Society – Another raging intro, says what it means from the outset.  There’s nowhere to go but thrash.  The perfect anger therapy, it makes me want to scream with sheer metallic abandon.  It’s got to be said again – those riffs are the stuff of dreams.  Carrying a great, unforgettable beat, with the drums just hammering down on you, it’s just sheer class.

The Abominautor – Crashing in there, with a killer instrumental, the thrashy vocals jump right in next, accompanied by a truly delightful backing section.  This is one of those tracks that literally rolls and rocks along to the end.  A well and truly accomplished sound, with such a positive vibe.  Over too soon.  Slight echoes of Metallica’s ‘Whiplash’.

The Mosh Master – Could you ask for a better song title on a thrash album?  Powered along by sheer aggression and pure passion, it shouts its message out loud.  Exuberant and very Slayeresque, if ever there was a song to get off to, it’s this one.  An epically sensual repetitive metallic rhythm which works exceedingly well, with a halestorm of drum beats and such ecstatically sung vocals you couldn’t fail to notice.  Hits that spot and takes no prisoners.

Still Sick – Loud, uncompromising, rifftastic, got it all and got my attention immediately.  Lyrically engaging, musically exciting, high-level thrash at its best.  Some variation and experimentation with pace and intensity, but never losing that vibrant feel for one second.  Bordering on extreme, but retaining enough melody.  Top track again.

Off With Their Heads – Very intriguing title!  Fast-paced, thrashing guitars, with blasting drums, powering their way through, unhesitant and raw, it’s a pure bred metal hit.  Another incredibly successful repetitive streak, with an obvious theme.  Like a castle being stormed.  Not to be forgotten.

Mock A Mockingbird – Oh yes!  Turning up the volume even higher on this one, thrashing it up for all it’s worth, here we have pure metal therapy.  Filled with sex appeal and possessing you completely, it holds the power to rock!  More!  More!  More!  Truly, some of the sexiest riffs I’ve ever heard!  Fading out on a volley of those humoungously powerful riffs, it’s a classic ending.

Overall, what more is there to say?  Thrash metal perfection.  Truly, a Thrasher’s paradise.  If you can’t feel this, you’ve got to be dead.  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!  Sensual, riff powered fun.  Like riding up and down a fretboard, standing on a marshall amp!  Nowhere else to go, but 10/10.


For fans of Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Anthrax, Metallica. 

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