Heavylution ‘Children of Hate’

Heavylution, formed in France, in 2007, influenced by the likes of Kreator, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Pantera, Maiden, Edguy, Iced Earth etc, having opened for Lordi, Paul Dianno, Lonewolf and Wizard, now offer you their debut album, ‘Children of Hate’, released in February 2015.

The Call – Opening with one of the most beautiful melodic solos I’ve ever heard and then crashing into life with a full on instrumental, it’s hard-hitting, evocative and life affirming.  That’s got to be one of the most accomplished and eloquent intros I’ve ever heard.  Stunning.

Children of Hate – The title track just hits you in the face, with the most aggressive Maidenesque melody; you’d be forgiven for thinking this was Bruce himself!  This truly is an incredible vocal, lyrical and musical talent, beyond belief.  Imagine some of your favourite Maiden tracks and you’re there.  It’s got catchy in bucket loads.  Oh and that closing riff is the bomb!  If you wanted charisma, then this is it.

Obsession – Right in there with tuneage and hooks aplenty.  It’s got me singing along already and here, the Priest and Megadeth influences are definitely audible.  Really going for it with a vocal performance of such utter strength and conviction.  Same can be said for the fire fuelled instrumentals, throwing every shred of energy into it.  Impressive and plausible to the nth degree.

Spirit Never Dies – Taking it from the top with a gorgeously moving riff that gets right into you, soon joined by an equally sensuous drum section and vocal accompaniment.  It goes deep.  Another performance fit for a well-established classic metal band.  These guys deserve to hit the big-time, for certain.  Pulsating, insistent rhythm, that takes you right in, with the blisteringly hot drum rolls and that voice!  Oh, that voice!  Pure heaven.

Burn Out – Fizzing, frenetic speed riffage, accompanied by equally powerfully furious drum rolls and of course, those inexplicably glorious vocals.  I can’t believe I’m about to destroy yet another pen, drumming along.  Just a total buzz-filled epic metal fest.  The business.

Mind Avulsion – Crash!  We have liftoff!  Ooh, nice heavy, loaded, steel fuelled riff and bassline there.  Catchy doesn’t even do it justice.  Only the dead inside would fail to get into this.  Carrying off a beautiful riff just past the midsection, followed by a genuine Dickinsonesque pitch perfect scream.  More of those drum based war proclamations and indescribably sensual riffs that just make you want to get inside the song and ….. well, you know.

The Eye Will Control – Banging drum and riff intro, now I’ve dropped my pen.  Smoothly moving in with those Godlike vocals.  Great fast-paced rhythm, coherent and fluid, striking all the right notes with such consummate ease, this is a 100% professional band.  Filled with the stuff of awesomely memorable metal.

The Exodus – You know the score by now, just more of the same pro soul haunting stuff.  Some cool vocal harmonies and brief spoken sections there, like a racing car, chasing its track target with unstoppable force.  Focused, well paced, filled with sexy melodies, it lacks nothing.  If it was even possible, it actually gets stronger throughout.  Definitely some Priestesque influences towards the end, oh and how he holds that note there is anyone’s guess.  These guys know what’s required.

Balls of Steel – Heavy intro, demonstrating nothing but determination to rock.  Even some Van Halen/Vai type riffs, with a slight Rammsteinesque spoken sound, till the sound of Bruce Dickinson the 2nd takes over again, in hot pursuit from those incensed riffs and drum hits.  Great lyrics and very apt title.  Yes guys, I’ve no doubt your balls are made of steel.  Here, you’ll hear that they’ve also nailed that near impossible task of creating truly penetrating singalong riffs.  Can’t fail to uplift.  A positive hailstorm of drums and metal riffs, just prior to that closing and highly fitting orgasmic moan.

Future Is On Your Side – Ah, now this one intros a gorgeous acoustic guitar and vocal solo and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful, as is the voice itself.  Perfectly placed wild card, further accentuating the full potential and very genuine skill base of these guys.  Some people are born musicians and these guys definitely are!  This is yet another of those tracks that gets right inside your heart and soul, flows through your veins and you just know that your mind and spirit will never ever forget it.  If ever there was a metal band born to create music together, it’s this one.  It’s got everything you could want.  Fading out magically on that final riff, this is the true heart and soul of metal.

Fight for Changes – Fabulously exciting barrelling intro, with an audibly enthused amalgamation of musical and vocal powers, creating complete metal magic.  Driving forwards with those extraordinary riffs, drum fills and pure and effortless soaring vocals.  Ending on a perfectly cohesive vocal and instrumental section straight from metal paradise.  Totally and utterly flawless.

Overall, no words would do this album the justice it deserves, except to say that these guys deserve to go right to the top and stay there forever.  Metal Royalty in the makings.

10/10 obviously **********

For fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica, Saxon, Whitesnake and every other great you can imagine.



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