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Introducing Regicide, formed in 2006 in Albuquerque, USA.  Crossover old school Bay Area thrash with New Wave of American Metal.  (NWAM).  Opening for bands such as Warbringer and Hemlock, their debut album, ‘Fall of an Empire’, was released on May 19th, 2015.

Injustice – Nice drum intro, with some very Slayeresque riffs and a spoken word section, combined with some sung sections.  Cohesive, enthused and intriguing.  Liking the scales used and it’s a mid-paced, short but sweet track, with an aura of mystery.

Fallen – Quite a doomy feel to this guitar intro, with some very mystical sounding percussion elements.  Seguing into a heavier section, with some aggressive vocal harmonies and a faster pace; it’s definitely a darker sounding track.

Brainwashed – Continuing with the doomy feel, adding some natural sounds of water and smoothly moving through various sections incorporating a variety of techniques, displaying a wide selection of influences.  There’s a very definite sense of attempting to include an intriguing blend of styles and sounds.  Very unusual in that context and it does actually work well.  Becoming progressively heavier towards the end and closing on an abrupt drum and riff combo.

Fester – Slightly more melodic, with some slight echoes of Metallica, it’s an easier listen, with a deeper feel.  A pure instrumental, which works very well and just for comparison’s sake, it comes very close to the sound of Metallica’s ‘Blackened’.  A good example of the typical Bay Area thrash sound.  Like it.

John the Baptist – Opening with some very nice riffs, this one’s a fast-paced track, with some very Hetfieldesque vocals and a very catchy feel to it.  The pen drumming has begun!  A decent mix of melody, speed and aggression.  Simply, the catchiness in itself will sell this song.  Lots of hooks, pace and tempo increases and generally, just very enjoyable.  A nice gentle percussive touch in the closing section.  Got to wonder about the origins of the title.

Spill – A darker intro again, with that unmistakable element of influences taken from various cultures.  More of a spoken vocal, with a bit of growly/deathy stuff.  Maintaining the downbeat, yet still lively essence, injecting a complex set of riffs, methodically performed and ending suddenly, it’s mysterious and accomplished.

Life or Death – Lovely opening riff).  Returning to a more melodic sound, with an uplifting feel, it’s got some great drumbeats and more of those Hetfieldesque spoken, shouted and sung vocals.  A nice combo of gentle and heavier instrumentals and raw, angry vocals.  Lots of great riffage.  You definitely feel the anger behind this one.

Again – Liking the exciting and very Slayeresque opening riffs.  Nice fast-paced rhythmic drumming.  Catchy lyrics, in places.  Mixing up the pace, here and there, utilising a great blend of guitar riffs and battering the drums harder at the end, closing with the sound of smashing glass, it’s vivid and memorable.

Overall, an inventive and original album, with unique qualities, which is not afraid to experiment.  Some very winning Slayer and Tallicaesque sections, combined with the right kind of individual touches.  Spinning off on multi-influential tangents, yet still keeping each song together;  conveying purpose and meaning.  Mystical, yet familiar.  Yin and Yang.  For sheer inventiveness, it wins lots of points.

8/10 ********

Available digitally on itunes, google music, Amazon, CD Baby or .

For fans of Slayer and Metallica. Also contains a tiny hint of a certain song on ‘Heavy Metal Killers’ towards the end.  Find it if you can!


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