Copper Garden ‘News Just In’ EP   Leave a comment

Contraband – Great intro!  Lots of nice confident heavy riffage and gravelly vocals.  Plenty of effortless drum rolls.  The timing is slightly skewed in places, but it’s got a good vibe and it’s a very light and easy listen.  A fun melody.  Could just do with more attention to the rhythm, but otherwise, it’s a very enjoyable track.

War Paint – More of that bar room type riffage and skilful drumming opening.  The vocals just need a bit more focus on tone, but I like the gritty sound.  It’s definitely imagery evoking and would make good jukebox material.  Some doomy and stonerish elements are audible and a slight percussive variation is present towards the end.  Perhaps a tad repetitive, lyrically, but again, there’s something quite catchy and fun about it.

One Way – Slight change in guitar technique opening this and a somehow cooler vibe.  Sounds more confident and assured, with a smoother vocal quality.  The drums are consistently creative and their timing is spot on.  Some very nice riffage in here.  Bit of an abrupt end, but generally, an adequate and fairly enthused track.

Simply Badass – Heavier riff opening this one, followed by a more accomplished rhythm.  An aural concoction of influences, specifically, blues, rock and roll, stoner and doom seem to have found their way into this track.  A nice touch for the closing track and whilst the vocals are slightly flat and off key occasionally, overall, they’re hitting the right notes and if anything, the enthusiasm seems to have increased in here.  The sound of the melding of various influences works well for this track and seems to make things gel even more.

Overall, a comfortable slice of rock band material, carrying warmth and potential, in which the personal touch is definitely there.  Just a very slight improvement to the key and tone aspects of the vocals needed, here and there, to reflect its true potential, but generally, it’s got a homely feel to it and exudes good growth potential.  I liked it.

6/10 ******


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