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In Praise of Haemorrhage – Opening with a mighty scream, and rapidly chased by some very thrashy guitar riffs, it’s quite screamo/growly in nature.  Lots of blistering guitar work and a positive drumming crescendo.  Similar in sound to Bullriff Stampede.  Crazed, frenetic pace throughout.  Consistent quality and ending with a nice loud cymbal hit.

Thrashing Metal Anticlockwise – Starting as it means to go on, it does exactly what it says in the title.  Slight melodic style to this one, some good vocal ‘shouty’ harmonies.  A combo of growly vocals and melodic accompaniments.  Over before you know it.  The title sums it up well.

Bloodstorm – Crashing instrumental intro.  Raging drum pace, matched by the riffs and bass line.  Angry expressive vocals, well-suited to the track title.  Combining the growls again with more melodic guitar and drum work.  Insistent, aggressive and focused.  A determined piece of work.

Brainless Playground – Fabulously lively high-pitched opening riffs.  Seasoned drum rolls, good use of backing vocals to fit the main vocals.  Some storming riffs and increasing in heaviness, from the midsection on, another hard lined, impassioned, well crafted track.  Closing on a final growly shout and an insistent drum hit.  Good job.

Left for Dead – Loud, hard-hitting intro, just as it should be.  Those vocals come up from the very depths of the soul.  Hammering pace, with some nice riffs.  Sinister and dark.  Finishing on a heavy riff and drum beat, it does the job.  Aptly titled, given the general sound and feel of the track.

Weekend Boreless Children – A different style to the intro of this track, demonstrating a more gradual heavy pace.  Retaining the same anger, but just altering the expression slightly.  Experimenting with a mix of instrumental styles, paces and generally, showing a little bit more versatility.  Like the ‘echoey’ fade out sound.

Stabbed in Black – Even heavier intro here, holding that feel of artillery fire imagery.  Pure growly guttural lyrics this time.  Fast-paced and unrepentant in its dark macabre tone.  Something of a battering ram about this one.

Shake off the Gloom – Immediate, eviscerating and sharp.  Offering lots in the way of thrash, but always in that deathy black way.  The thrashy element does stand out, though.  Not much more to be said.  A clear slice of angry, incensed malevolence.

Beauty Slept In…. – A nice change of direction here…. or so we’re led to believe at the outset, before it segues into more of the same.  Having said that, there is a definite change of tone, tempo and pace, which works well in the sense of diversifying from the known, familiar path.  The vocals do seem to take on a slightly different air of …. something curious in this track.  Some great new riffs thrown in there and I’m liking that.  Cool closing touch on the guitar.

Bleeding Moon – Intriguing title.  Another crashing intro, making good use of its place as closing track.  Just heavy and thrashy throughout.  A bit more use of background vocals there, retaining that main guttural vocal emphasis and accompanying it with lots of metallic fire on the guitars and drums.  Solid angry closing shout.

Overall – A standard piece of aggressive death metal, with thrashy overtones.  Offering a few unique twists and turns here and there.  Competent, loud and very vocal.

7/10 *******

For fans of Bullriff Stampede and generic death/black metal, thrash and thrash/death crossover styles.



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