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Formed in 2003 in Kelowna, B.C., playing alongside the likes of 3 Inches of Blood, Holy Grail, Dismembered, Augury etc, following up their album ‘Destroyers of the Faith’, Terrifier now offer their new, brilliantly titled EP ‘Metal or Death’.

Metal or Death – Bang!  Straight in there with some classically thrash sounds.  Going for it full throttle with the vocals and accompaniments.  A definite Pantereaesque flavour here.  Barrelling drums, effortless riffs that just flow easily and generally, a great new sound, which clearly put its own stamp on the music, whilst taking the good stuff from influences from the old school metal days.  Testament also springs to mind within this track and it’s a good start.

Infernal Overdrive – Continuing on in a smoothly perfected flow, with plenty more thrash filled fun.  These vocals are actually quite distinctive in their own way.  You can hear the work that’s gone into perfecting that uniquely thrash sound, whilst simultaneously making it seem effortless.  Same can be said of those gorgeous riffs and energised drum rolls.  Very typically thrash definition to the closing section.  Vibrant and alive.

Wretched Damnation – An even more powerful intro, it doesn’t mess about.  Banging song, with a determined nature. Ah, here come the catchy drumbeats).  (Someone’s going to have to buy me a new pen one of these days).  Some beautiful accomplished riffing there and it just batters you insistently, in a very pleasant sense.  Pure metal.

Overall, a well honed, enjoyable and uplifting piece of thrash metal, that definitely leaves you wanting more.  Terrifier have walked that line between paying homage to the influential old school greats and creating an audibly unique and individual sound and balanced it just right.

8/10 ********

For fans of Pantera and Testament.


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