Torous ‘Dried Bones’ EP   2 comments

Occam’s Razor – Ooh very very Reef like intro!  A distinctive Celtic sound to this.  A gradual and very competent and uplifting buildup to a harder sound, with a light-hearted feel.  The progressive folky elements in it are very intriguing and show a clear change of direction for Marc Malone, to a more open ended style of music with definite Celtic rock overtones.  There’s an unmistakable new confidence to the instrumentals aswell as the vocals, particularly audible as the song progresses and it’s just a great blend of techniques, creating a completely original sound of alternative Celtic rock, with folk and progressive aspects.  A very welcome breath of fresh air.

Dried Bones – Seguing smoothly into this follow-up track, the bass is very prominent here and forms a strong basis for the style and sound of this track.  The vocals flit easily from dark to light and bring an air of excitement, joined by the noticeably powerful beat and rhythm, both evoking visual imagery of Celtic landscapes and I have to say it would go down very well at Glastonbury Festival.

Hide In Sides – Opening more slowly and gently, this could well be the wild card, proving the versatility is well and truly present.  Continuing with the Celtic atmosphere, demonstrating its possibilities, as the vocals take a different turn, lyrically.  An absolutely stunning guitar section around the middle, before the bass takes centre stage again, accompanied by fierce drum rolls and more striking riffs, playing the songs’ potential for all it’s worth.  A veritable blitzkrieg of closing guitar riffs.  Strong and courageous.

Roll The Tide – A gorgeous opening riff, with some softer vocals following.  Definitely catchy and definitely inspiring.  Once again, Torous prove their adeptness at moving smoothly from soft and gentle to hard and strong.  Positively beating the drums to the death, as the vocals perform the lyrical equivalent.  Slowing things down in the midsection, completing the growth from soft and quiet to louder and heavier, towards the impassioned drum section and almost possessed raw vocals that end the song.  Sincere and true emotion in musical form.

Don’t Slip – Lively, fast-paced, furious drum opening with some nice heavy bass lines and pure smoothly performed riffs.  This one follows a different vocal path, with greater experimentation inherent.  The drums really stand out here, as does the change in vocal style, pace and technique.  It’s a good variation to incorporate; demonstrating the capabilities of the band and the interesting nature of their sounds.  More twang to the guitar riffs and slightly greater emphasis on the instrumentals as a whole.  Ending on a truly heartwarming riff; this is what the world of alternative Celtic folk rock has been waiting for.

Overall, a magical, life affirming piece of work, with mystical qualities and many unique twists and turns.  Transports you up to Glastonbury Tor in an instant.  A revelatory feast of brand new alternative Celtic folk rock, which stands up on its own, as a shining example of what Torous bring to the scene and what we’ve all been missing for years.  Like I said at the start, a very welcome breath of fresh air.

9/10 ********* 

For fans of alternative Celtic folk and prog rock.  Specifically, for anyone in search of something new and obscure.  Will also appeal to fans of mystical, Fey, Pagan and other speciality rock genres.


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