Hidden ‘True Mercian Metal’ EP

False Ones Must Die – Intriguing rain sounds, with a very Halloweenesque vocal and a rather nice clean riff to go along with it, opening this.  Very short, but impacts well.

Hidden – Liking this thunderbolt style intro, consisting of very powery thrashy instrumentals and screamy vocals.  Something quite uplifting about this.  Great riffs in there, with a crashing volley of thunderous drums and ending on a sudden high-pitched scream.  Memorable, if nothing else.

Clash of Steel – Opening much more gently, with some lovely acoustic riffing, moving into a heavier more electric sound.  A mid-paced song, with a fairly catchy chorus and all the right ingredients for metallic fun and enjoyment.  Speeding up after the mid-section, with plenty of very noticeable standout riffing.  The vocals can be a tad melancholy in places, but generally, it definitely has potential and is clearly moving in the right direction.

Timeless Death – Some interesting riffing opening this.  Intrigue factor down well. Ooh creepy vocals, returning to the Halloween theme.  The screams are done well.  The doomy metallic feel of this is very fitting for the title.  The drumming stands out here, being quite powerful.  Liking the fast-paced riffs towards the end.  Much more instrumental than vocal, but that seems to have been the intention and I quite like the wind noise and vocal sounds right at the end, creating a decent visual image befitting the dark nature of the title.

Overall, a decent effort, musically depicting the title well.  Whilst there is room for some improvement in the excitement stakes, it’s a fair production, with all the right stuff for future growth and it does hold attention.  The standout aspect is probably its intriguing lyrical theme, which could possibly be developed further and would go down well in gothic circles.

7/10 *******

For fans of doom, gothic, horror, fantasy, stoner/sludge metal.


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