Sovereign Council ‘My End’ and ‘The Human Condition’

Introducing two new singles featured on the new album ‘Laniakea’, out on August 1st, 2015.

My End – Nice dark riff opening, with some uniquely placed piano segments.  Gently haunting female vocals, intermittently joined by male vocals, demonstrably strong and deep, yet simultaneously gentle in places.  The whole track holds an air of symphonic metal, in utero, to which the combination of male and female vocals lend themselves well.  An airy, light-hearted feel resonates throughout, with a touch of intrigue.  The instrumentals here are clearly felt, but non-invasively, which seems to provide just the right backdrop for this track in particular and the symphonic metal sound, generally.

The Human Condition – Totally different intro to this one, featuring Timo Somers, from Delain.  A crashing drum roll, joined by more vivid piano sections and some very heavy guitar riffs.  Providing a great contrast to the last track, this one moves in a completely new direction.  It’s quite beautiful, with some very well considered gentler, but no less atmospheric piano parts, followed by increasingly heavier guitars and drums.  As a pure instrumental, ‘The Human Condition’ works well, in a still haunting, but more dramatic sense.  A bit of an abrupt ending, which seems to have been cut off slightly too early, which spoils the end effect somewhat, but still, we get the idea and the feeling of dark mystery remains.

Good work.  8/10, if not for that abruptly early finish, which knocks it down to 7/10, but I’d give it 7.5, if it were possible to cut stars in half).

For fans of Aonia, Apparition, Delain*, Leaves Eyes and symphonic metal, generally. 


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