Velvet Insane ‘Breakout of Eden’ EP

Breakout of Eden – Truly fabulous enthralling drum roll opening this, with some deeply rocky and impassioned vocals following closely on its heels and the riffs just move right into step, with such immediacy and genuine power; this here is a great example of Swedish metal at its best.  Melody, gorgeous hooks, tuneful, racy and affecting, with sex appeal of unmistakable prowess; it’s got it all.  This is one of those tracks that no true blooded metal lover could ever fail to love and commit to memory.  Surging with power, it just rocks beyond belief.

Do You Want Blood – Anthemic in its intro style, with a battle theme to the lyrics, perfectly matched by the style and aggression of the instrumentals.  Very upbeat and uplifting in nature, considering the lyrical content.  Some great harmonies and a nice free style to the chorus, evoking so much visual imagery and it’s interesting to note that it carries a very different sound from the first track and thus, shows versatility and a possible variety of influences within its delivery. A very strong song.

Frame (1)  – A new and more reflective, sombre vocal intro – becoming increasingly powerful and revealing a lot of depth.  Nothing short of beautifully soulful and so moving as to be haunting in the most magical sense.  This is where the vocals really come into their own, proving their ability to convey truth, sincerity and deep feeling.  There’s a very special quality here, in these vocals, combining grit, heaviness, passion, gentility and soul, all in one voice.  It’s also a song in which the instrumental accompaniments flow and ebb in perfect timing, sound and performance, to fit the vocals in an almost otherworldly way.  If nothing else, they’ve well and truly mastered the art of creating deep and memorable songs which hit you immediately and undeniably.

Overall, a unique and epically beautiful, artful piece of work, which was an honour to listen to.  Each track offers something new and immensely listenable.  Mood capturing and soul captivating.  Blending numerous techniques and feelings and wrapping them all up in one stunning package.

10/10 **********

‘Breakout of Eden’ is also available on itunes, CD Baby and spotify.



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